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Great new Blog by Chris Thomas of Hill Mullikin Marketing Co. on Wordpress Plug-ins for your Real Estate Website.  http://www.hillmullikin.com/blog/2009/11/20-great-wordpress-plugins-for-your-real-estate-website/
The only guarantee we have about marketing in today’s real estate climate is change. The market has changed. The buyer has changed. Will it ever change back and if so will we market the same way?  I am not sure and do not intend to make any grand projections other than the pendulum swings in bot...
I have seen a trend in our discussions in the past few months with many people in many industries.  It usually starts with a conversation about marketing on a shoestring budget or how to market to be ahead of the curve as things begin to turn.  I think regardless of industry, and specifically in...
We have a client that has had great success in 2008 selling real estate in Boone, NC. Usually people are suspect of the numbers and think that Echota must be doing something like huge discounts or some secret incentive program. The reality is that their secret is staying positive, having a good p...

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