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I know many of you professionals are always on the road, showing houses, meeting clients, marketing, and networking.  Unless you've been blessed with a set of wings, or live somewhere where mass transit is amazing, you're like me and you're driving everywhere.  With the insane price of gas nowada...
Okay, it's been awhile since I was in college, but I remember my senior year in High School, all my friends that went off to college came back a little fatterhealthier than when they went to school.  Be careful, they warned me, of the Freshman Fifteen (or Fifty, depending on who you asked).  What...
Wonder why you're FICO's so low?  Do you pay your bills on time and are never late but can't seem to figure out you're score doesn't reflect your payment history?  Because that's not the only factor in the mix.  When determining your scores, the 3 bureaus utilize a formula to calculate your score...
You know you got bad credit if:  10.  You've seriously considered started all over by buying a new SSN at the flea market. 9.  You've got your bill collectors' phone number saved to your Cell Phone Caller ID. 8.  You pay all your bills by money order. 7.  You're looking for a bank that offers Thi...
The FTC says on their website, "Self help may be best".  It even goes on to say that "Everything a credit repair clinic can do for you legally, you can do for yourself at little or no cost."  It may be strange that a Credit Restoration Company such as my self would put this on a blog, but the inf...
So I was getting ready for work this morning, and I opened up a drawer in my bathroom and grabbed a Q-Tip.  Sitting next to this half empty box of cotton swabs was a cheap version of the same product.  I remember when I bought them last summer at the Dollar Store around the corner from my house. ...


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