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Buying your first home is an amazing experience, encompassing the full spectrum of human emotions.  While on the quest for the perfect home, the only financial aspect that most first time buyers hone in on is the cost associated with securing a mortgage (closing costs, down payment, mortgage pay...
Great news for Texas homeowners!  According to a story published by the Dallas Business Journal on Sept. 28, 2010, three Texas cities have claimed the top three spots in a report recently released by Veros Real Estate Solutions.  According to the article, Houston, Dallas, and Amarillo, ranked fir...
I’m sure everyone may have been aware of this, but in the event you didn’t know, here’s the most recent news on the changes to FHA loans.  Keep in mind that this is in regards to loans with FHA case numbers assigned on or after today, October 4th, 2010.  So if you’re client already has an FHA cas...
Over the last decade, we have seen several different loan programs come and go.  While the types of loans that are currently available to homebuyers are not as plentiful or varied as they once were, don’t believe for a second that buying a home is an improbability.  Listed below is a quick overvi...
If you read my last blog in this series, you should be familiar with our lenders credit criteria.  While having a good score and assets is instrumental in buying a home, something equally important is loan documentation.  While those of us in the mortgage business refer to the loan application an...
I think one of the biggest misconceptions that the current mortgage and real estate environment conveys to potential buyers is that in order to buy a home in today’s market, they need to have excellent credit and a substantial down payment.  While it is fair to say that lenders have raised their ...
Recently, Experian announced that they will no longer provide FICO scores to the general public. They announced that they are terminating their relationship with myFICO.com, a website that sold credit scores from all three credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax), ultimately not allowin...
Thanksgiving has come and gone and the winter holiday season is upon us.  In less than 3 weeks millions of us will be spending the holidays with our families and friends exchanging gifts and sitting down to a bountiful table of good food and enjoying the season across this great country of ours. ...
Seven years ago today, our country was shaken to it's foundation.  While no one is a stranger to what happened on that tragic Tuesday morning, I realize that many of us will go on about our day, not realizing that today is 09/11.  I'm guilty as charged.  I was busy making my plans for tomorrow in...
Okay.  I'm a nerd.  When the news of Transformers movie came out a year ago today, I was there!  For weeks, my friends and I had sat around my lap top checking out the trailers for this movie.  On opening night, myself, 6 friends, my sister and brother in law, and 2 nephews took up almost one row...

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