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The Money you Save on Your New Home will make up for the Loss of Your Old Home   When going from one home to another, there are always expenses: moving vans, packing, closing fees, utility transfer fees etc. Yet, in the long run, the new home will save you money.   In general...
  The US government implemented the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009, and it gives first time home buyers a one time tax credit of eight thousand dollars. The key elements to the credit are that you have to be buying your primary residence – that is – the home you’re going to live i...
We spend our lives believing the written word! Why? Especially when the written word is provided by sources not much more reliable than fortune cookie. I am tired of the negative influence of the media and I know you are too. I read everywhere about the recession and the down market, but I have m...
The world is changing interest rates are at an all time low and sellers are motivated. Recently with the new changes in RESPA builder mortgage companies are in jeopardy .This is great news since customer service is the differential between the lenders.  My customers are already experiencing t he ...
The endangered no money down home loan has been discovered in the suburbs of America. It seems that the media wants everyone to focus on the negative when some of the greatest homes buying programs are still available.  Also not only does the 100% financing is available there are many bond and re...
When considering buying a new home many people get caught up in the media. When buying a new home you should only consider if the home is right for you and your family. This means is the home large enough and doe sit have the features you want. After that consider if you can afford it and do you ...
Yes!  There are many options to share with you to get you in a house for very little or nothing out of pocket.  The Frog has access to mortgage programs that are still at 100%.  If you don't qualify for one of those programs, The Frog still has other options he can share with you to obtain 100% f...
Good News, Bad News, Good News.  The Good News is YES, we can help you get a mortgage.  Our mortgage division has specialized for decades in manually underwritten FHA and VA loans allowing a "make sense" approach to underwriting the way HUD meant for it to be.  We are a bank, not a mortgage banke...

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