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All too often the Brokers, Office Managers, Team Leaders and/or Recruiters just do their weekly meetings and then get back on the phones to recruit more agents to join the office. Have you thought about the retention plan for the agents that are already there? It takes more than a weekly sales me...
The pitfall of just about any business is poor communication and distractions that take folks away from their productive activities that produce income. Distractions are often times something we can't avoid but if the average person derailed from activity takes at least TWENTY-TWO MINUTES to rega...
The fast pace of today's world really just pushes us to seek automation wherever possible. Robotic auto-responders. The fear of not being there the very instant a potential customer reaches out. Never say "no." We become conditioned to be afraid to lose the business and our desire to buy into tec...
Did you wake up today and make your list?Did you set up your day?Timeblock?Everything you said you would do ... are you going to do it? Sure. I bet you intend to get it done. How well are you protecting your time? Are you scheduling appointments over other appointments? Fast forward to the end of...
Winning in a low inventory market isn't necessarily easy, but it's not rocket science. Just as I say on the podcast an in the show notes on RERAW ... you can choose to sit around and wait for others to create inventory OR you can find it yourself. You don't have to be an actual developer to be a ...
"Learn More, Know Less" - Neil Strauss The biggest flaw and most dangerous trait that a salesperson can possess is the complacent mindset of thinking they already know everything. What have you been doing to make sure you're ALWAYS learning? Have you thought about that one lately? See, too often ...
An agent's success is such a personal subject. Some define "success" as being the top producing agent in a brokerage, city, county, state, country, world ... universe ... whatever! Others define it as having enough business to pay the bills, maybe to travel, to save a certain amount of money each...
Just a quick FYI ... if you're not at least sightly interested in Relola ... then you're missing out. Heather Sittig Jackson is one of the creators of this cool new technology! Now, I don't endorse products for dollars ... (well, not yet anyway :-)) ... so this is organic. Relola is such a cool p...
Thinking about buying a new construction home? Don’t forget to bring your agent with you! It could save you big and make you more in the long run.Looking at pictures of homes you’d love buy can be fun. Seeing those homes in person is just a step closer to the dream. Have you ever considered new c...
Criminals are no stranger to the world and wire fraud is not a new problem. But, in real estate, it's certainly a faster growing issue than in other industries.It makes sense. Many spend their life savings on a home. The money exchanged in real estate transactions are such high dollar figures tha...

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