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2215 Traywick Chase, Alpharetta GA 30004 ($268,000)-JamesAlpharetta GA Real Estate Agent
570 Birch Forest Lane, Alpharetta GA 30005 ($240,000)-JamesHelp-U-Sell Real Estate
Greetings AR Bloggers!...And a happy Monday to ya'll...Allow me, if I may, to make a very important distinction between the (2) primary types of alternative real estate companies in today's business environment.-Discount brokers charge up-front, for thier "a-la-carte" type services-Fee For Servic...
OK to all those agents out there (none on AR of course!) who think you're being competitive and doing your clients justice by picking up my directional signs hours after I put them out I have just one thing to say:pttuueeyy!It's all about karma folks.-James
I'm new to real estate, still in my first year in fact. I've been reading and blogging on ActiveRain for a few months now and have thoroughly enjoyed what this network has to offer...I've notived a tremendous amount of experienced residential agents, mortgage brokers, coaches, stagers and other i...
Recently our office in Alpharetta has been bouncing around the idea of getting into the HUD Home Selling & Listing well as becoming HUD approved for buyers. From the buy side we could essentially cover all real estate transactions done in the State of Georgia. I would like to hear f...
I've heard once or twice from my manager as well as my broker that we are probably going to see one more big "push" or increase of business before the end of the year both on the buy and sell side. This being due largely in part to clients having an eagerness to 'wrap things up' before the Holida...
There has been some great discussion on AR lately of implementing the end-user side of the network for the benefit of all AR members. Once the consumer finds AR as useful and rewarding as we have, they'll be no end to the amount of valuable business and referrals we'll enjoy. I'm looking forward ...
Will somebody please give me an explanation please?
This topic may have already been addressed on AR but I thought it may be a good idea to ask for a fresh perspective from fellow AR members...What are your thoughts on the future of PPC advertising?Has anyone been a victim of click fraud?What are some of ya'lls budgets for Google, Overture and the...