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  May you be the recipient of “benignity” this year…? OK I truly hope this happens to you.  The question is are you going to return it or give it to someone else?  It’s your call so don’t ask me what I would do because I will either return this to the one who gave it to me or I will give it to so...
  Have you ever had an “aposiopesis” happen to you? Having been there done that I will be the first to admit it has happened to me.  Now the question has it happened to you? Isn’t Webster’s© just wonderful?  Another question I have for you did it happen in front of a client?  Hope that did not ha...
    Yep I sure do.  In fact I know more of these than I want to.  Although I may like them as a person I really don’t like to deal with them because of this.  What’s more disturbing is when they are a client with this problem.  So without further adieu the meaning of (men da’shen) is not truthful...
  Do you know a “levanter”? I bet ya you do on this word anyway.  I’ve known a few over my years on this earth and really don’t want to know anyone else with this affliction.  I call it an affliction because right now as I write this I cannot think of another word to use in its place.  Anyway I f...
  Do you “keck” about news related to the housing industry? Why is it if some official decides to make an off comment about something the next day its headlines?  Could the news industry be so consumed by events they grasp at anything they think will be a jump on the competition?  Anyway there wo...
  Have you seen a “jetty” lately? Now, now let’s not go jumping to conclusions as you know words can have different meanings.  Therefore you see this daily even if you’re not around water.  Do I have your attention?  Most of you would assume the meaning of (jet’ e) would be a kind of wall built o...
  Ever had a client “enervate” you? Well Pilgrim I’m here to tell you they have tried.  Did you catch that “tried” statement?  Back when I was cop I was tried by the best and I must admit on a few occasions it did happen.  I’m a fast learner and after one or two tries no one else got through.  Th...
  Is your business “crescive”? I know mine sure is.  I bet ya yours is to.  I started in 2008 and it was a tough first year.  The second one wasn’t much better but I hung in there and it started to turn.  If you haven’t figured out the meaning of (kres’iv) by now why don’t I just tell you?  Ok he...
  Best police excuse… I heard this from a pastor so I’ll take it to be true.  As the story goes an officer was working the late shift when he observed a vehicle approaching a stop light.  With his experience he knew the vehicle was not going to be able to stop.  Yep there it went right through th...
  Are you “fecund?” Well tell me are you?  I hope I am and I bet ya you will too.  To be this in our business is something to crow about.  I may not be the youngest or strongest in the barnyard but my bark (crow) is still out there.  By the way the meaning of (fek’ end) is fruitful or fertile; pr...

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