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  Ever seen an obvious “fop” walking down the sidewalk? While looking for new words to write about I came across this one.  Have I seen this person why yes, yes I have and more than once?  So I guess you would like to know the meaning of (fap) a vain, affected man who pays too much attention to h...
  Ever had any dealings with a “whoreson”? Now, now let’s don’t go there you know me better than that.  Anyway I didn’t know this word existed at least not in the meaning I’ll give you in a moment.  I’ve had dealings with this type of personally (loosely).  I can say I haven’t been the victim lat...
  Ever had an “oneiromancy” moment? Can’t say that I have but I really don’t know if I believe this.  I know my mother and hers did and could tell you without looking it up.  I usually don’t remember these but I know I do have them.  Anyway the meaning of (o ni’ro manse) the practice of foretelli...
  Have you ever been fed a “cornichon?” In this business we are fed this almost on a daily basis.  I had a taste just the other day and I still don’t care for it.  It has its place but not all the time.  We all experience this so now for the meaning of (kor ne shon’) a small sour pickle.  While w...
  Has anyone spoke to you in a “contumely” manner? OH Buddy!! I can relate to this one.  If only I had a dollar when people used this one on me.  Once someone talks to you in this manner and I’m sure they have you’ll know it.  This kind of behavior has been known to bring about a violent result. ...
  Quaker vs. cow… As the story goes a Quaker had a difficult cow.  As he was milking the cow one day the cow switched its tail landing upside the Quakers face.  The Quaker went on and after a few minutes the cow moved and stepped on his foot.  Without losing a stroke the Quaker went on milking.  ...
  Did you know you belong to the “gregarious” species? As I was looking around today to find a new word I came across this one noted above.  Interesting word with a couple of different meanings but the one I chose due to our business is appropriate.  If you’re not of this species you will not sur...
  There's an old story about a Captain who inspected his men, and afterward told the Sergeant that his men smelled bad… The Captain suggested perhaps it would help if the men would change underwear occasionally.  The Sergeant responded, "Aye, aye sir, I'll see to it immediately!" The Sergeant wen...
  Do you have “milpa” in your area? Usually we don’t have this in the U.S. you did read usually.  I know of some near us but it can be restored.  What I don’t understand is that in the natural course of things this will take care of itself.  Now for the meaning of (mil’pe) a forest cultivated unt...
  Ever had a listing or buyer who was “frothy”? Now, now let’s not go there.  This is not what you think so you can let your mind run wild until you get the meaning that I will give you in a moment.  Let us imagine if you will the old adage is what you think your home is worth, compared to the go...

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