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  I bet your wondering where is he going with this one.  Well as I plug along I myself also wonder.  Think about the heading and follow me while I try and get this one out.  When we start posts we have a thought in mind as to what we want to say and when we finish we review and reflect on what we...
  Has anyone ever did you wrong?  I know that’s a silly question if you’re alive you have been wronged.  When you were wronged did you ask for and get swift and strict justice or did you ask for mercy?  Turn it around and imagine it was you would you ask for strict and swift justice or mercy?  Th...
  I’m writing this a little early but it is what it is.  The New Year is approaching and I want to get this out before it gets here.  I have had the best year to date 2010 but it’s not going to be nothing compared to 2011.  OH! by the way the meaning of (se loo’ bre es) promoting health or welfar...
  OK all you doubtful Thomas’s and I know you’re out there.  No disrespect to the name Thomas just a figure of speech.   Now back to the subject matter.  I have experienced this more than once and sometimes it brings chills up the old back (another figure of speech).  Anyway I would like to hear ...
Ok you military guys and gals reread the heading and read each and every word.  Are you sure you read what you thought you read?  We as agents do not need to do this as it may and should cost us our license.  This is one thing you were taught in class and I know you hear it almost every week.  So...
I do this without thinking and I bet you do to.  This is a form of finalization of getting a listing or contract.  It's often done by the female sitting, the male standing and you can use either the right or left hand but the right hand is usually used.  Now for the meaning of (the' nar) the palm...
If you're reading this post you are in this class of people.  I will do this until the man above calls me to come home.   To be not in this class to me is not an option.  All people fall into this category no matter who you are.  The meaning of (pro'le ter'e et)the working class; industrial worki...
It's a beautiful day wherever you are if you're above ground Jessie and I bring you the most Merry Christmas and wishing you enjoy the day. She was asked to be one of Santa's reindeer because one of them turned up sick.  She's had a trying night so it's off to bed time for her. 
One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut.  After the cut, he asked about his bill, and the barberreplied, ' I cannot accept money from you, I'm doing community service this week.' The florist was pleased and left the shop.        When the barber went to open his shop the next morning, the...
For those of you who have children (teenagers) or older you just got to see this and forward it to all the people you know who have children.  This is very graphic and that's what they need to see.  May you have a Merry Christmas.  It was filmed in Australia but believe me it happens in the US on...

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