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Over the holiday weekend I went to my first family reunion.  needless to say there were people I never knew and those I fondly remember.  However with that said you know you're in trouble when you see a road sign just a few hundred feet from your campsite when you see this Maybe next time I can p...
Again from my family to yours may you have unction in your life.  After 29 years in law enforcement my stress level is very high and my temper short or so it was.  After leaving I found my temper to be getting longer and the stress level has definitely gone down.  After having the stress level I ...
I read today in our local paper where a judge on the eastern side of the State may lose his job. In the article they used the word in the title and I thought it appropriate for the thoughts I was thinking. I have a partner in my new agency. I have a proclivity to get listings and she has one for ...
I was going to post something about the holidays and all that stuff like you would expect but not me enjoy the word and make it a good day. This one in Webster© has a star beside it I tried to find out what the star meant but I didn't try hard.  My blessings to you on this day that you are going ...
Yes sir may this stay away from you for all time.  In my former years I have wished this on people but as I grow older (every day) I find it has really not done me any good so why try.  There are days though that it starts to creep back into my mind but then I catch myself and forget it.  The mea...
  Bet ya you do this.  What do you have on you as far as money that you’re willing to lose?  You watch other people do this and you do not think anything about it.  What do you think are going through their minds and what is going through your mind when you involuntary do this.  The meaning of (s...
  Tell me do you want more sales next year than this year?  Of course you do now the question is how you are going to achieve that.  Have you tried the things your agency is telling you to do?  If you have and nothing much is changing then I suggest you try this after you investigate them and fin...
I know people have heard taps played to our brave soldiers who have given their final sacrifice to keep us free.  Check out this link and find a small different twist that will make your skin crawl.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WRoWPhLU2Q&feature=related Enjoy and be thankful
  Now don’t get me wrong I’ve done this and looking back on occasion I still do.  But in its defense sometimes you need to do this to get your point across.  Some people need this before they understand what you’re saying because it does not take the first time and you need to turn the light swit...
  I know I see an ageless person.  Other people see different things but my mind is still in the age when I was 20-25 but my body is telling me another story.  I know I can’t keep up with the guys and gals as I once did.  I also know that all good things must come to an end but I don’t want to ge...

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