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Have you ever asked yourself this question?  What is my purpose in life and have I reached the pinnacle of what I was set here to accomplish? Well we know you've made it through those rough years of growing up and getting out of school.  Do you have children (rug rats) and have they made it throu...
December 29th 2009 for me is one that I will hold near and dear to my heart for a long time.  I had written a blog for ActiveRain a few days earlier and had just forgotten to post it.  Before I write a blog something has to inspire me to write.  Then after writing a blog I usually wait for a day ...
  Last month I had a yearly visit with the two brokers of the firm I work at.  We went over what I had sold and the money I had made in 2009.  They wanted to see a schedule of how my days usually go and wanted to know other aspects of how I do business. They already knew I for the most part come ...
That's right weather you know it or not you have an agenda.  Don't think so okay let's see.   Agenda #1.  I don't want any listings Agenda #2.  I don't want any sells                                                              Agenda #3.  I think I'll not renew my license Agenda #4.  I just don'...
How and why do clients cling onto different agencies?  We all know the big players such as Century 21, Remax, Coldwell Banker just to name a few.  There are clients that cling to only those brand names and then you have those who want to deal with the local agencies only and will not deal with th...
When I first started in this line of work I had just finished 29 years in law enforcement.  For those years I was told what to wear, when to show and a lot of people told me where to go.  I was not going to be told I had to wear anything or be at a certain place and time.  No sir I was an indepen...
Winning in today's market requires you step up and flex your muscles without getting out of the boundary of your state law(s) code of ethics or your individual brokers policy and procedures.   To do this you must have the mindset to take steps that maybe others in your individual office might not...
That's right all the client(s) you have, have different values and you need to remain flexible to accommodate them.  I've made a particle list and we'll go over them to see where you are.   Quality - We all strive to give the client quality service, support, advice, convenience at a cost that is ...

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