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This is the blog that last week started the whole thing about the quote of NEVER and ALWAYS that I decided to post first.    Those were my exact words to the other agent as she was telling me her verbal counter offer to our counter offer.  Goes to show you what I know.  According to the rules I h...
That statement was my intent when I started this job and you know how long that lasted.  This is the second in the NEVER and ALWAYS wording wonders.  Take for instance the agent who makes the fatal error that says "I ALWAYS take my lunch at 11:00 to 12:00 no matter what.  If they hold true to tha...
This is a follow up to a previous blog and brings up another point.  There was a lieutenant at a police department in the same county where I worked.  He was noted for two things, one of which was his shooting I swear he could knock the eyes out of a flea at 50 yards and never hit the rest of the...
I need some feedback on this one. I usually deal with expired listings so I know the clients want to sell their homes.  So I make the call and get a recording and I leave a message and I know I'm one of countless other agents leaving messages. If I don't and usually I don't get a return call I ca...
Come on admit it I do your sitting at your desk or in my case a cubicle, the phone rings you pick it up and.... There you sit in all your glory with no pen or pencil no paper and it's a prospective client what a dope.  Hang on a minute now you're in a pickle scurrying around looking for something...

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