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That's right Johnnie were back to a passage from {Heat Up Your Cold Calls} by George Walther, with a little bit of added stuff from yours truly.  We are only going to cover a portion of it in this blog and save a little for another one.  When you're going in the office in the morning to get ready...
That's right a little CPR is just what your client needs and what do I mean by CPR why it's Consult, Personalize and Recommend.  Let's break it down: Consult: Ask your client an open ended question to narrow down the style because you should already have the price, size, school district, and town...
That's right use the famous triple F word or technique.  It's easy and everyone can use it they are so versatile.  Interested in knowing what they are oh yes I did forget to tell you didn't I they are feel, felt and found. When a client is really letting you have it with all barrels try this scen...
Seriously if you believe you are a great salesperson do you need proof you are?  Of course you don't just the fact that you believe is proof enough and if you project that confidence that's what you'll get.  Can you tell what book I've read and re-read what audio tapes I've listened to and re-lis...
How many of us keep looking over our shoulder and thinking and rethinking did I fill out that contract right? Or how about this one (I just wrote about this the other day) did I continue to try and sell when it was already sold?  I'm working on my first five years so I have my paperwork for the m...
Have you experience this scenario?  I listed this one property in a bedroom community for 112K with the comps it was listed right.  If there was one problem with the place it was location.  Let's say it was a little out of the way but I knew if I could get one person to look the home would sell i...
I can only speak for NW Arkansas and for me but my goodness this last couples of weeks have been just breathless.  It all started out buy getting a call from a client who wanted to buy a duplex, during the course of events he brought with him a friend who is interested in buying a duplex.  This f...
Oh brother, aren't we all in this category?  Knowing when to keep the royal mouth shut has always been a problem with me.  I was reading my horoscope today and came across this headline in one of the passages.  It struck me as a truth we all need to grasp. How many times and you don't have to adm...

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