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It's not what you say sometimes but how you say it.   I know most of you have seen that commercial on TV where the couple is sitting in the living room.  The lady says she switched over to a new phone service provider and the man says "I love you, and this time I mean it." All along you know he d...
When's the last time you paid another agent a complement and meant it?   Seriously think about it before you sound off and say something think about it.  I'm not talking about telling Susan or Fred how nice they were dressed or some small talk but complemented them for something they have done.  ...
It's your turn make something happen.......   Okay I've seen it take place where I work so I know it goes on elsewhere.  You get to work in the morning, make your prospecting calls, and catch up on your paperwork.  You look at your desk and all of a sudden its hits you right between the eyes YOU'...
I've had one of those...well moments...   Please tell me I'm not the only agent in this mad crazy world that we live in whose experienced this. Here is the scenario: I make a prospecting call and get a listing appointment.  Exciting right! Now you know the routine, market analysis, current homes,...
Nicky Dou is Number 1 in Arkansas...   Nicky Dou is associated with Century 21 Exclamation Realty in Rogers, Ar.  It was announced in the sales meeting today she is number 1 in the State of Arkansas and made Centurion a truly lofty goal. In the last 12 months Mrs. Dou has exceeded over 8 Million ...
I failed today...   Today I failed I failed to remember to take my camera to a listing appointment and halfway there had to turn around to get it and was late to the appointment.  I failed to get the listing.  I was so busy with other things I failed to make that all important prospecting call. T...
I just happened to be at the right place.....   Ever made that statement, you know how it ends.  Well I for one don't buy it.  I believe you make your own destiny.  Are you one of those agents that totally disregards all the hard work and long hours of phone calls, door knocking, research, market...
Isn't this something most of us say when we get one of those listing that is handed to us or one of those buyers that we just happen (more on this one later) upon.  Well I for one cannot believe all of your hard work and talent can be summed up in those three words and neither should you.  Very f...
Want to send chills up your clients spine or have their spirits sink in a heartbeat just speak those three words.  As Mr. Walther points out clients have enough problems in their lives they don't need any more.  Here's what you say instead:  "We have a challenge." People can deal with a challenge...
Continuing our learning with George Walther's Heat Up Your Cold Calls "I'll have to" translates to "I don't really want to help you, but if I must, I guess I will." We all want our clients after every transaction to come away feeling please with the service they received.  This brings them back a...

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