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Hurricane Michael was a devasting storm that in 3 hours has torn apart and claimed 49 lives in the Florida Panhandle, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia. Nearly 1.3 million customers across five states were without power early Friday morning, according to PowerOutage.US. However, Michael’s impa...
I've decided to start a series called Liability for Livability where we take different locations every week by request and see if it is actually livable and fair for the average family/person.I am hoping that this brings awareness to different markets and pushes real estate agents to do research ...
Real Estate has many perks, one of them being the ability to help someone find the home they've always longed for. In my eyes, a house and a home are two different things: a house is somewhere you sleep and eat. A home is your sanctuary. It is where you relax, it is your fortress when things get ...

What do we know about ourselves?**Warning - this is a deep dive into the heart post**  What man know's his own heart? What makes you a good person? Is it the amount of charities you give to or perhaps the number of people that you help? Was it giving that dollar to the homeless person on the corn...
I think sometimes we catch ourselves falling into a abysmal hole of sadness. That when the hard times hit, they engulf us and possess our thoughts and emotions with fear and depressing thoughts. It is interesting the way the human body works - Our emotions can actually determine our health and we...
Come one, come all to the beginning of Spring Break!Where young adults and children become enamored with local living and excited by the fruits of our harvest. Their eager optics now dart about frantically as they search for their first activity that will serve as their entertainment for hours up...
Today is March 8th, 2019 - International Womens day.And I thought this would be an excellent time to sit down and really look into the power and capabilities that woman have- with a book I was gifted called I Am Malala. Malala Yousafzai is a 21 year old young woman with a passion for women's righ...
It is only January 3rd.  It is not too late to make resolutions/goals for the New Year.  Even if you don't like the term 'New Year's Resolution', making a list of your daily goals has been proven to help.  There has been much written about whether it takes 21 days or 66 days to form a habit.  No ...
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! You can start your day over in the middle of the day by changing your mindset and forgetting about what happened prior.  Truthfully, any time can be a new beginning.  The New Year provides an opportunity for us to look at a specific time to help 'make change'.  I hope everyone...
Since Hurricane Michael many people are in need of renting storage units and are having to rent as far away as Destin and Tallahassee. This is a great time to invest in your future and purchase this 20 unit storage building for only $75,000. It would make a great income producing business. This s...

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