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A Spokane street lined with gold. 
   Looking for a way to repurpose all those wine corks you have been saving? This one is good looking.  Happy Wednesday! 
City:  Spokane   Venue:  Chateau Rive   Event: Concerts Everyone I talk to these days comments on how many more things there are to do in Spokane...... more than ever before, and the best part is the broad variety of events and entertainment.  Something for everyone.Music events are particularly ...
Washington wildfires caused heavy smoke all over the state as well as nearby Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho this summer.  There were long periods of time where the shoreline was not visible across the lake.  The stillness of the air made for perfect skiing. 
Hooray for Spokane's Tree Lined Neighborhoods!   "Leafy, tree-lined streets aren't just good for property values; they may also be good for your health..." according to a news article written by Deborah Netburn, Los Angeles Times - Science Now and re-printed in The Spokesman-Review. Citing a stud...
National Root Beer Float Day - August 6 Really?  A National Root Beer Float Day?  O.K. Hot summer days and root beer floats bring back memories of summers past. Visits to A & W restaurants weren't all that frequent growing up and they fell into the category of very special treats. Back then we vi...
Choosing a Reverse Mortgage Specialist Serving the Sacramento area If you are looking for ways to unlock the equity in your home and re-position those assets for your immediate and future benefit, you need to work with a Reverse Mortgage Specialst.  Someone who is knowledgeable and experienced an...
Spam can mini-gardens on sale at the Farmers Market at Kapiolani Community College in Honolulu along with produce, flowers and food each Tuesday and Saturday.  A delightful place to shop. 
Spokane County 2015 Interstate Fair runs September 11-20 at the Fair & Expo Center on N. Havanna Street. Along with hints of fall (shorter days and cooler weather) comes the annual county fair with food and fun for everyone.  Make plans now. It will be here before you know it and tickets went on ...
You are free to get your home loan from any lender you choose. The lending business is no different from any other business that has a service to sell and our service is assisting folks to obtain MONEY. Real estate agents sell homes, airlines sell transportation, and lenders sell money. It is und...

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