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California Playboy Mansion for sale      Put your blueprints aside! Now you don't have to build a dream home with  dozens of rooms, a wine cellar, game room, movie theater, hot tub the size of a pool, and a zoo license.  You can actually BUY the extremely luxurious and iconic Playboy Mansion in H...
Spokane's South Hill changes again The cleared property at 55th and Regal is primed for change and KXLY  recently announced a "new development".   For decades Regal Lumber sat on the upper regions of Spokane's South Hill quietly serving families, contractors and handymen. Since the store front, v...
Wordless Wednesday:   Why can't my boyfriend surf?    Such tragedy!  So why did I smile when I snapped this photo from my car while passing a mural in Honolulu.   I love public art.  It is a gift to everyone to enjoy.  Wordless Wednesday:  Why can't my boyfriend surf?   
 Decision today or tomorrow NFL owners are meeting RIGHT NOW to decide if after 20 years, professional football will come back to Los Angeles. As you have no doubt heard, the hopeful teams are the St. Louis Rams, Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers. Which team, if any, will be chosen? We'l...
We know you've been locked out....ever been locked in?    ESCAPE ROOMS are the new craze! We spend most of our time at First Priority Financial helping you get into a house, but now we want you to get out of one!...or at least a room anyway.   Have you experienced live-action Escape Rooms?  What ...
Holiday fun.  Ice skating in Oakland?   The perfect gift for Christmas is something you don't have to size or dust and doesn't require batteries. The perfect gift includes a family activity which becomes memorable simply because it is fun.    The Oakland Ice Center is currently running extended h...
LEGO EXHIBIT AT THE MAC  Windstorm 2015 which left alot of us without power provided the opportunity to visit the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture in Spokane, Washington (which fortunately did not lose power).   The displays were amazing and here are pictures which may inspire you to visit the ...
Does a North Idaho ranch style home interest you?  Purchasing a home with no stairs may be a wise thing to consider if remaining in your own home and living independently is your choice for the next chapter of your life. If you are near or at retirement age, taking action sooner rather than later...
Following a very enjoyable trip to experience the Redwood Forests, this pastoral scene doesn't reflect the less than enjoyable drive north from Weed, California to Bend, Oregon last Sunday afternoon. Winter has arrived in  parts of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Happy to be home!   Happy Wedne...
Veterans: Retiring in Spokane, Washington is a good idea.  Active veterans and active seniors are all about new experiences, volunteering and staying busy and    retirees give to their communities with their time and talent.     Spokane is affordable, and friendly, and its citizens enjoy clean ai...

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