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Natural Grocers opens in Spokane WA Natural Grocers opened last week at 4603 N Division (next to Office Depot). It is exciting to see new businesses and more  shopping opportunities in Spokane.    Natural Grocers specializes in organic food and nutrition supplements.  Open daily at 8 AM. Find out...
 Wordless Wednesday:  White Lilacs     Lilacs have inspired many with their beauty and their wonderful fragrance.  Film:  The White Lilac a 1935 Brish mystery fimPoetry:  When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd                (an elegy on the death of Abraham Lincoln) Fashion:  Lilac Collections...
Coffee Cups and Rescue Pups in LA  $10 gets you a drink and admittance to the dog room in the first ever doggie cafe in LA and you can spend time enjoying an assortment of furry friends who need a loving home.   The Dog Cafe recently opened in Silverlake and there is no doubt that the enterprisin...
Wordless Wednesday:  Lonely Pooch This sweet little guy was waiting patiently for someone to play with.
Hike Dishman Hills near the Spokane ValleyLast Sunday, Tana and I, hiked the Dishman Hills Natural Area and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine, the smell of warm pine needles and a bounty of spring flowers blooming everywhere.  The gravel and bare dirt trails wound around interesting rock bluffs and...
 Wordless Wednesday:  Remembering Patty Duke   A wonderful person and actress.   http://www.spokesman.com/blogs/hbo/2016/apr/04/huckleberries-patty-duke/
Surviving Spouses and Reverse Mortgages What you need to know when a non-borrowing spouse lives in a home that has a Reverse Mortgage. In the past, when one of the married couple was under the age of 62, a homeowner's choices were to eitherA:  postpone applying for a reverse mortgage until the yo...
Bloomsday 2016 I am happy to report that I have registered for my 40th* Bloomsday. I am a perennial!  And perennials bloom every year.  You can register too at www.bloomsdayrun.org I'm happy on several levels Bloomsday means spring It is a fine way to spend the first Sunday of May  with 40+ thous...
Reverse Mortgage Seminar in Spokane coming soon.   Isn't it time to learn how to make your retirement dollars go further? Discover the benefits of a Reverse Mortgage for yourself or a loved one.                                                                                Reverse Mortgage Semina...
 Historic Los Angeles property (Jaws House) still for sale and worth seeing just for fun! When driving in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles you see some pretty fabulous houses, but none so awe-inspiring as this one, located at 5121 Franklin Avenue. John Sowden House Hidden behind large be...

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