Have you ever seen those signs that say, "We Buy Ugly Houses?"   Have you actually found yourself tempted to call them?     If so, I will assume that you are concerned that your house will not sell because it needs a lot of work.      You find yourself to be very tempted to call the number on th...
  Denver is experiencing a HOT real estate market, and we have for multiple years now.    In lower price points, you have to drop everything and get to a new listing right away, or there is a possibility the Seller will accept an offer as they come in.   Most Sellers want to review a few offers ...
There's a fable about a frog giving a scorpion a ride across the river after the scorpion promises not to sting the frog. It ends with "I couldn't help it.  It's in my nature."   Now you might look at me and see an engineer and figure out I'm not about touchy feely stuff, and you'd be mostly rig...
It is interesting how almost all of us dream of becoming as rich as some celebrities or overall well-known people. Even if some say that they don't need much money, it is needless to say that we would take it if we were offered a big amount. For many people earning lots of money becomes our life...
Check out Luigys Moving company in Bel Marin Keys. They will have you boxed and packed in no time! I've referred them to several past clients and they are a professional family owned local business. ------->Start Packing Here
Commercial real estate can be a tricky field to master. Unlike residential real estate, which is subject to the whims of the economy and buying trends, commercial real estate depends on these things, plus many others, such as interest rates, market performance, supply, and demand. Besides, comme...
2630 Old Atlanta Road, Cumming, Georgia 30041. This residential listing is currently for sale at $975,500, and is potential commercial.Virtual Tour: Welcome to Paradise! Gorgeous Two Story Southern Living Floorplan...
Creating Space   Breaking up is hard to do.  Even harder when you have been married for a long time.  Most of the belongings are us, and not yours and mine.   The once beautiful house had to be sold and now they are both living in apartments.   Going from 2500 sq ft to 800 sq ft is a big change ...
 The common theme going on lately is historically low interest rates and low inventory for Marin County. Currently reporting from January 2021 1.2 months of inventory is available, price per square foot is 718, and average days on market at 49!  When will this combination of low interst rates and...
As a homeowner, you need to consistently ensure that your home adds value when deciding to sell it. Your home should be able to appeal to any prospective clients through several adjustments. A good home will only add value if you factor in some key redevelopments and adjustments that will ensure...

Michael Wayne Jackson

Broker - Seniors Real Estate Specialist Novato
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