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Many of you know my company has adopted a "will not disclose" policy regarding all before photos that are taken of occupied staged homes.  Unless my clients have made a specific request, in writing, Perceptions AdverStagingTM will not use them in our marketing endeavors.  For those that have aske...
A new year brings excitement for me; it's much like I remember shopping for school during the hot, lazy days of August when I was a kid.  Anticipation begins building for the upcoming year sometime around Thanksgiving; something about that first big holiday gets me in gear and I start mentally re...
Recently, I got some amazing news.  I found myself sincerely speechless when I was nominated for the RESA Staging Innovator of the Year for 2007.  To say that I am deeply humbled and honored to have been recognized by my peers for this incredible award is the understatement of the century and I a...
Sheesh...the meme bug is relentless this time of year.  Terrylynn Fisher recently Meme'd me - you can find her MeMe here.  Since this is my 2nd MeMe and the first can be found here, let me share 5 things I KNOW you can not know about me.   I like to imagine being able to invite anyone at all over...
This obviously is not a recent photo, but I thought I'd put it up here because it seems to me it's a great example of what might obviously be a NO GO, but still work regionally.  This deck really needed to be softened up and brought to life a little, it was dull, dull, dull!   I later learned fro...
I've posted another view of this morning room here.  I've been very pleased with the results of this project, but in seeing some of the other "pro's" work, I keep going back and rethinking...should I have done more?  For example, how about art work or a mirror over that fireplace?  And because of...
1.     Make the Break - Start thinking of your house as a commodity on the open marketplace and let go of the home that has helped to create your memories.  Buyers are not purchasing your emotional attachments; they're in search of their own.  Acknowledge that every other house at your price poin...
Between getting ready for the holidays in my own home, considering those that have directly impacted my business most directly and profoundly this year and possible extra special gifts for them and my recent post Little Blue Boxes, I was reminded of the business discount I have with Tiffany's and...
image courtesy of luxist.com   What flashes through your mind when you see Tiffany's robin egg blue box?    Do you think that happened by accident?  What does Tiffany's little blue box have to do with real estate?   And staging?  It's all in the packaging.  And branding. Jackie.        
This year for Christmas I asked Santa to bring me a pure white cat.  To make it a little more complicated, I wanted this cat to be a rescue.  It had been several years since we'd had a cat in our family and I was finally ready to admit a new one into the fold.  Inspired by Patricia Kennedy's It W...

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