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The South Tampa Real Estate market is showing signs of recovery, but there is still plenty of inventory out there! Sellers are frustrated!  It helps to  compare this year vs. last year to see the change from a Seller's Market to a Buyer's Market.  This is very similar to the Real Estate market of...
A portion of my business is focused on the International Market.  Many of my clients are from foreign countries or work for foreign companies in the U.S.  Florida is very much an "International" Destination.  Tampa is perfectly situated between Disney World and the Gulf Beaches.  It is a great lo...
My article on Property Tax Reform last week was "tops" in Google Searches for visits to my site. Over 20% of the recent readers on Real Estate Sizzle were looking for information on Property Tax Reform in Florida.  Clearly, Floridians are frustrated with the current property tax situation.  In Hi...
I think most people could agree on what it means to be a good neighbor.  Be considerate.  Offer to help whenever you can. And, don't put up "NO PARKING" signs when there is a parking crisis in the neighborhood where you operate a very profitable business that relies on a local clientele. In South...
I have been analyzing my blogsite, since the day I started it, nearly 2 months ago.  I want to know all about my readers. Am I reaching my target? Am I delivering timely information? Am I focused on my customer?  I have one of those analytical minds that doesn't t...
 This is part 3 in my Hurricane Preparedness series... 6. BOOK A HOTEL EARLYIf you are planning to evacuate, you need to plan ahead.  Every county has shelters available, so that is always an option. I start watching the storm early on and scout out 2 or 3 possible locations away from the storm. ...
 If you haven't already seen it, please read Part 1 of my Hurricane Guide...The Insider's Guide to Hurricane Preparedness.5.  If you have a pool, drain it about 12 inches. Otherwise, your pool will overflow and contribute to the flooding!6. GET WATER,CASH, GAS, NON-PERISHABLE FOOD and BE PREPARED...
Andrea, The first named storm of the 2007 Hurricane Season is stirring in the Atlantic.  She's tiny and fairly harmless, but for a season that starts in June, it's a little too early.  Are you ready? Here is "Part 1" of my Hurricane Preparedness Guide...I am hyper-sensitive to Tropical Storms.  M...
My clients know they can call me for anything!  From  Babysitters to Dentists to Roofers, they know if they are looking for a particular service, chances are good that I have someone to recommend. Several years ago, I decided to post a "Services Directory" on my website.  See the Real E...
How many times have you had piles and piles of junk that you needed to have hauled away?           Do you have a spouse who still has college textbooks from 30 years ago? I found it easier to get rid of the spouse, than to  get rid of his junk!  See the rest of the story at Real Estate

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