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Real Estate is like acting. You know what I mean.  No matter what your day is like, or what is happening in your life, there are certain times that you just need to be "on", be "happy", play the part...fake it!You can't pick up your clients at the airport, for the start of 3 days of househunting,...
 It's Friday...we need a little "Fun and Frolic" today...Take a few quizzes and find out some interesting things about yourself... Trying to find the perfect place to live...this might give you the perfect answer! Find the rest of the fun on The Real Estate Sizzle....
The Tax Relief Plan was passed by the Florida Legislature last week.  I am going to continue to post my thoughts on the issue, right up until Floridians vote on January 29, 2008.I'd like to get thoughts from my readership, so, Floridians,  please register your vote on my poll at... The Real Estat...
 Today, the Florida Senate passed a tax-cut plan that would cut the average tax a mere pittance.  The new system would increase homestead exemptions, giving homeowners a 75 percent write-off on their first $200,000 in market-based ‘'just value'' and an additional 15 percent write-off o...
I love Fluff! That ooey, gooey Marshmallow Creme that is the "key" ingredient in a "Fluffernutter". For those of you from New England, you know exactly what I mean.  Take 2 slices of Wonder Bread.  Spread Peanut Butter on one slice and Fluff on the other. Slap them together and "voila"...Fluffern...
It was an Amazing week for The Real Estate Sizzle! The site hit 217 visits in one day and 915 for the week...for the first time ever! And two articles, one about "Property Tax Reform in Florida" and another about "Putting Your Face on a Bus Bench", both got the #1, #2 and #3 Google searches.  In ...
Eight years ago, this month, I attended a South Tampa Chamber of Commerce luncheon.  It was the same year I started putting my photo on my business card. As an aside, I HATE to have my picture taken, but I understand how important it is for marketing.  At the event, I exchanged cards with a numbe...
The Joint Select Committee on Property Tax Relief and Reform met on May 21, 2007.  Here is their condensed outline of the agreement reached, along with my comments in RED.  This is not the FINAL plan, but it has been agreed upon by the committee, and the letter was issued by Ken Pruitt, President...
I saw this on a billboard today and I had to post it! "Never regret anything that made you smile!"
Another article in my "Pet Friendly" series....Florida is the "Land of Condominiums", and I sell plenty of them! Each building has it's own "personality".  From the concierge services, to the pool, common areas, floor plans, demographics  and "rules", you need to find the building that is best su...

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