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Another article in the “Floods and Flood Insurance” Series… Storm surge is a threat to any coastal areas, which are often less than 10 feet above sea level. The “surge” is water that is pushed ashore by the force of a storm. The combination of a tropical storm or a hurricane, along with high tide...
There seems to be much confusion about the tax plan Floridians will vote on in January.  All Realtors in Florida should be concerned about the long-term consequences of the vote. These are the reasons I will vote NO! I am leading a group of concerned citizens to push for a better plan.  Many peop...
from: "Women Entrepreneur" magazine...By: Kelley A. Bjorkland  My Comment: Success in Life, or in any Career, especially Real Estate, requires a positive attitude and a number of other traits which I would describe as "being adaptable". I strive to be that woman.  This came across my desk today, ...
 Another article in my "Pet Friendly" Series....Every Pet Owner agonizes over boarding his, or her, pet!   You've seen, and heard, all about my sweet, epileptic Yorkshire Terrier!  She's a fussy eater, but is just adorable!  read the rest of the story at The Real Estate Sizzle 
 When I write an article for The Real Estate Sizzle, I don't really think about who might read it.  I just write about things that someone living in Tampa, or moving locally, or Internationally would like to know about.  Sometimes I talk about things that help someone recognize me, or identify wi...
 Here is a "Sneak Peek" at my new Sign Panel! The new signs debut next week. The first "Sizzle" reader to find one of my "catchy" new signs, wins the contest of the week!  Let's call it..."Where, in Tampa, are the  "sizzling" signs?"               
Several weeks ago, someone hacked into my site, and my family has listened, as I have been working on "tracking down" the culprit and making some changes to insure that it doesn't happen again. The other day, my 11-year old called me and said, "Mother, I found him!...that guy who hacked into your...
For all the apprentices in Project Blogger...I couldn't resist my own ghost story... In Florida, Realtors are required to disclose anything that "materially affects the property".  We ask  Sellers  to complete, and sign, a very thorough questionnaire about everything from survey and drainage issu...
A recent Supreme Court decision may have a huge impact on Public School Districts across the country!  The recent 5-4 decision rejected public-school assignment plans which take  "race" into account, essentially eliminating any "forced" diversity.  Will this end "busing" in Public Schools?  See t...
My growing readership on the Real Estate Sizzle, and the participation in Project Blogger, has inspired me to use my blog to make a difference in my local community, and raise some monies for local charities.  I found a great widget, that collects and tracks the donations.  You can read my post, ...

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