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Verify Tenant helps landlords, Realtors, property managers and condominium associations achieve a greater sense of confidence when allowing a new resident into a property by providing them with factual information about an individual. Having the right information at hand can help you make a better, more educated and rational decision. Does the candidate have a criminal record? What is the tenant's credit history and credit score? (Credit reports are only available to credentialed members) Is the tenant a sexual predator? Having an answer to these questions is important before you have someone living in your property. We provide tenant credit checks, background checks, eviction reports, prior employment verification and other services. Most of our products can be accessed through our fast and easy to use online ordering system and provide instant results. No membership fees or minimums. Only pay for the tenant screening services you need. Our services are offered at the most competitive rates on the market, and best of all our turnaround time is guaranteed at 24 hours. We are 100% compliant and you will have access to all the necessary forms needed in the event of a denial or a dispute.
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