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Attention - Realtors and Brokers!Drive west onto Blake Street off of Star Road all the way west until you have to turn left - southbound.Go south until the road forces you to turn left or right - go right... THen travel a few more streets to Quincannon. Turn right - north again to the gorogus hou...
If you live in Star, Idaho or have family or friends that live in Star, Idaho - I want to be your realtor!   Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home in Star, Idaho - I want to work for you. I own a home here. My daughter is in school here. We love it here - living in Star has been a wonderf...
Hey, everyone! Please tell me what you think? Are we in need of a planning and zoning department within the City of Star? It may be a slow real estate market right now, but its going to bounce back and Star needs to be ready for the growth heading our way! Tell me what you think - if you know Sta...
It is really disappointing for someone to veiw the residential communities of Star as plain, boring, cookie cutter sytle homes - feeling as if there has only been a few floor plans that have been built over and over again. I live in Star. I own a home here. The variety of style, size and floor pl...
I have a couple of buyers seeking land.One specifically is looking for land zoned for Industrial use. Somewhere in the greater Tresaure Valley. So, if you have some land or know of something - such as a pocket lisitng, please let me know. You can either reach me here or call me at the following n...
Hello, Fellow Realtors. Happy New Year! I hope 2008 has been kind to you so far.I have recently gained a listing - new construction - a gorgous home in a nice subdivision in Star, Idaho.It has never been lived in and is priced well below its real value and even less than the homes actively being ...

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