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   PARADISE IS WAITING FOR YOU , WHERE ARE YOU ?   For years you have been saying you want to move to Boca Raton or Highland Beach , Florida   What are you waiting for ?                 WWW,FEDERALHOMEREALTY.COM   Soon you will be shoveling the fluffy white stuff. Is it really fun ?              ...
   SURF FISHING   An early morning sunrise walk along the beach in Boca Raton, Florida revealed   a man SURF FISHING.   Have you ever SURF FISHED ?   All you need is a fishing pole and patience.                       Mornings often bring the surf fishermen ( or women) out to catch their dinner.  ...
     MOONLIGHT ONLY   One evening as I prepared to take a picture of the moon reflecting on the ocean   a sailboat came by to complete the photo.                                     Are you looking for your Moonlight in paradise ?   If so , contact me for your piece of paradise.     It does exist...
   A HIGHLAND BEACH SUNRISE   Nothing is so awesome as being up before dawn and capturing a beautiful sunrise.   When was the last time you saw a sunrise from the beach in Highland Beach , Florida ?               Never, you say ?    WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ?       WWW.FEDERALHOMEREALTY.COM     P...
  A GOOD NIGHT FROM BOCA RATON, FLORIDA   Have you ever wondered what a beautiful sunset looks like as it happens?   Well, here it is HOT FROM MY CAMERA !               For your "HOT FROM THE CAMERA" view in paradise  contact me today !    WWW.FEDERALHOMEREALTY.COM   A GOOD NIGHT FROM BOCA RATON ...
   A FIRE IN THE SKY   The sunsets in Boca Raton are incredible !   I believe no two are ever alike.   The sunset can be affected by a simple cloud formation that floats by .   A FIRE IN THE SKY                     WWW.FEDERALHOMEREALTY.COM     FOR YOUR  FIRE IN THE SKY CONTACT ME TODAY       PAR...
This premium location has four bedrooms and four bathrooms and  the most incredible views                                                                   of the ocean and magnificent sunsets from the balconies.   THEY BOUGHT THE VIEW                       WWW.FEDERALHOMEREALTY.COM   List price...
     A FLIGHT LEAVES BOCA RATON    Living on the ocean or intracoastal in Boca Raton the scenery is constantly changing.                   You never know what you will see each day, but things you can count on a beautiful   sunrise or sunset or the birds that take flight from a railing.     A FLI...
   A BOCA RATON OCTOBER MOON    Sometimes you just have to get up early in the morning and look outside at the sky.    I love doing this and watching as the "world wakes up ".   On this 4 a.m. morning I noticed a beautiful moon and the glow around it.                     A BOCA RATON OCTOBER MOON...
   BOCA RATON CELEBRATES   As the historic final Presidential  Debate on October 22, 2012 at Lynn University in  Boca Raton, Florida approaches,  the city has a month of activities leading up to this event.   October 5, 2012 is a Community  and Cultural Expo in the Mizner Park Amphitheater at 6:3...

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