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Enter this Inspiration Station if you dare!  Staying with our Halloween theme, it's time for you to capture those brave souls searching for the haunted houses and corn mazes in your area.   Try using these keyword phrases: Haunted Houses in (city/neighborhood)(City/Neighborhood) Haunted Houses Co...
SEO takes a big spike this time of year in regards to your Halloween posts.  Inspiration Station will be taking you on a ghoulish ride through blog post subject ideas to keep you in the game so continue to check back here often with new ideas. This week it's all about Halloween Costume Ideas.  Wi...
With each new client you bring on board, you find yourself answering the same questions again and again.  While repetitive, it is necessary.  Why not have a standard blog post that fully explains the question at hand?  You can reply to your client's email with a "good question, find out your answ...
Unfortunately, some homeowners get in over their heads or fall on troubled times.  Life happens.  Some are helpless, have no idea where to go for help and need your expertise. From phone numbers to short sale hardship sample letters, you can cover quite a bit on informative data in your helpful p...
Oktoberfest actually starts in Germany on September 21st and concludes October 6th.  Not only Germans but many others like to partake in this fun festival. Just outside Seattle, we have a Bavarian town, Leavenworth, which hosts a really fun Oktoberfest full of brats and beers in tents throughout....
Having so many neighborhoods around you can be daunting to think of all the blog posts you must write.  Don't get ahead of yourself, just take it one neighborhood at a time.  Try a "Neighborhood of the Week" series to entice your followers with more to come each week. The best thing you have on y...
Notice how these inspirational posts are coming out a bit earlier?  You need to understand that getting ahead of these searches are best for you and your SEO.  Squeeze all the juice from your posts to maximize your presence. Labor Day is just around the corner so write your posts now!  Google Ana...
You know a good price range for your clients to be in.  You know what their PITI should be in order to not feel strapped each month when the bills come rolling in.  Some of you even provide mortgage calculators on your websites.  But we all know the mortgage payment isn't all the monthly outgoing...
If you are around any golf course communities be sure to expand your sphere by blogging about them.  Young and old alike are searching for available inventory and information about these communities. Check out this post on How to Blog about Neighborhoods and Subdivisions to get a better idea on h...
It's coming and sooner than a lot of kids would like.  But with the new school year approaching next month, now is the time the searches begin for school information.  Getting ready for back to school doesn't only include shopping for new kicks and outfits, supplies and schedules need to be made ...

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