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Bob's Blog is a continuing series of building technology half page or longer articles for Real Estate Professionals, as well as home buyers and home sellers. Information is presented from an experienced construction professional and residential inspector.
 Believe It Or Not, It's Just "Hanging In There". Yes believe it or not this is rot. Ordinary wood rot is the process of decay due to the breakdown of the wood fiber components as they are exposed to mold, micro-organisms, insects and water. This is a complete ecology with the mold eating the woo...
The Double Header: Concentrates the rain to get BOTH shoulders as you walk up the stairs!  (This is #2 in a series on a single flipped house.)   Yes that's right. The original owner of this flipped property installed the gutter system to keep you dry, from the roof runoff at least, when you walk ...
The Pot Light And The Duct: Anybody who appreciates a good turn of phrase will enjoy this artfull done bit of 'toung in cheek' writing. The writer is drawing attention to a serious condition. This is a re-blog article written by Jay Markanich of Bristow, Virginia. Please follow the links to leave...
Most of you probably slept right through it (the quake), Yes - we usually do. That's right, we usually do, or other wise not notice because we're driving or otherwise in motion. Yeah, I'm talking about last night’s earthquake.
Skippity Do Da …Skippity De Day….. Skippy will've skipped, before the water starts to drip.  (This is #1 in a series on a single flipped house.)     Well…we don’t know that ‘Skippy” did it, but Skippy’s tag is on the equipment. That equipment of this flipped property is on the roof (and a few oth...
Why is this bag of water hanging in the attic and should you have one? Short answer: No. The attic space is outside the heated area of the home and such water will freeze, eventually break the plastic and soak the building materials and leak into the home interior. So why is it here? Here's the b...
Yesterday was an inspection day for me.   It was a triplex, one down and 2 up, with a basement garage.  Unfortunately there were over a dozen significant issues, ranging from foundation cracks, oil tank replacement, deck structure, aluminum wiring, mold and to leaking skylights. But nobody’s pan...
This is not a re-hash of the usual "Top Ten Things To Do When.....". These maintenance clean ups are really perodic chores that we need to be doing always, not just after a move or before a sale. Thats a good time to check them though. I've rebloged or re-postied Sharons article to highlight it w...
Common Sense? "Common wisdom" REALLY?  ...Choosing The Inspector. "Accepting a referral for an inspector through your realtor is not something I recommend." * *(Quoted from the linked Montreal Gazette article below, A Guide to Choosing Inspectors.) Many consider this to be good advice or just com...
Yes! It Was Biblical ! And on the Fourth! Think of this senario next time you're wondering if that roofing really has to be replaced now. It really WAS Biblical. We were having a beer, watching the ducks and the wind surfers on the lake. The lake was calm. The ducks were swimming,bobing and feedi...

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Usually I'm presenting an aspect of home maintenance, value improvement or 'how too' instructions to feature best practice ways to do things around building and property issues. Some times it's building tech history or how thing came to be as they are, the back story on terms, expressions and phrases. I keep track of the strange, the unique, the special and interesting things I get to see, including the dangers. These are filed as OMGs. OMGs always have photos, so I share the file with you from time to time. The rest come out of thin air. More than once I start writing a comment on someone else's blog and end up inking a whole new blog. Am I inspired or am I ranting? You can decide.