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The last time we bought a house I said to my realtor, “I hope you double as a relationship coach. We have serious differences!”It was good for a laugh.But then I noticed an annoying look on face.“No, really, I’m just kidding,” I assured him. “We’re fine.”This realtor proceeded to tell me about a ...
Low motivation. It can ruin a career, especially in real estate, where self-starters thrive. No one is immune to low motivation. Self-starters suffer the same de-motivating thoughts and feelings that everyone else does. What makes the difference between low motivation and higher motivation? How y...
Sales pros don’t need to be told that your mindset is a significant factor. Getting to the close is as much as a matter of personal resourcefulness as it is technical ability. You’ve got to be in the right mindset if you’re going to bring a deal all the way home. Nothing new so far, right?The big...
Standing in line to order lunch at a local cafe, six out of the ten people in front of us are fiddling with their cell phones. A quick glance around the place and I notice individuals with heads buried in laptops and couples preferring to tinker with their electronic devices rather than talk with...
Summer is almost over and for many of us, it has come and gone without us taking a vacation. Again.While we did manage to squeeze in a couple of long weekends at the beach, we honestly can't remember the last time we enjoyed a true, honest to goodness vacation. Like a real one. For a full two wee...
Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a communication skills model developed at the University of Santa Cruz in the early 1970’s. Since then, NLP has infiltrated many industries, gaining a reputation for revealing the non-conscious aspects of communication. Here are three NLP sales tips to consider.1. ...
We come into contact with harsh chemicals more often than we think. In fact, new technology has discovered that the average pregnant woman has dozens of harmful chemicals in their body at any time. Most people assume that the FDA regulations have our best interest in mind and that we can safely u...
Looking for impeccable ideas to feng shui your apartment? Bringing positive energy and peace into your apartment doesn’t necessarily require a top dollar budget. Whether you’re a strong believer of Eastern philosophies or simply redecorating your home, there’s something for everyone.Feng shui is ...

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