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Over the past 6 weeks I have seen an increase of about 50% in the real estate activity in Smyrna - I think we will see a more active winter this year than we saw in the summer.  Normally you see a big slow down during the winter months but I think people are seeing these great deals and jumping o...
Atlanta is currently going through a real estate slow down - This is largely based upon fear of consumers that they have picked up from the national level media - real estate should be viewed on a local level - location, location, location - this has always been true - so why do we let fear in an...
In todays market you need a specialist when it comes to selling your condo - I was an on site agent in Atlantic Station for 3 years and know that market from top to bottom - I personally sold hundreds of condos in Atlantic Station - Call me now at 404.849.4032 to discuss your next purchase or sal...
If you are looking to purchase a home an experienced BROKER - not just an agent can help get you the best deal - Call me today at 404.849.4032- If you are the buyer my services are FREE to you - Also please check us out at or - We look forward to hearing...
WELCOME to the Arnold Realty Company - "Greater Atlanta's One Stop Real Estate Resource". Our mission is to provide you with all of the information you need to make the right decisions about your relocation to the greater Atlanta area. We'll help you get all the information you need about buying ...
With the bustling population and economy of Atlanta, there are newer cities and real estate options popping up, outside the city, and in. Just north of Atlanta lies the city of Sandy Springs. Incorporated as a city in 2005, it gets its name for the sandy springs which exist there still today. Don...
Closer to Midtown Atlanta, lies the city of Atlantic Station. Also a younger city, Atlantic Station officially opened in 2005 and stretches 138 acres of some of the hottest real estate in Atlanta. Conceived as a large urban renewal project, Atlantic Station real estate could be a model for smart ...
Atlanta Real Estate and Relocations The thriving metropolis of Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia and the most populous city in the state. Atlanta is world-renowned for its parks, sports teams, shopping, museums, fine restaurants, entertainment, and much more. This magnificent city is home to...
Types of MortgagesFortunately for buyers, there are a variety of mortgages to choose from. It is in your best interest to investigate each of them to determine which is the best for your situation. You probably won't qualify for all of them. In fact, you may only qualify for one. But if you do qu...
Mableton Real EstateMableton is a quaint, unincorporated town located in Cobb County, Georgia. This small suburb of Atlanta is home to a population of around 29,000 residents. The average annual income for a household in Mableton is around $50,000, which is just above the national average. A tota...

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