Some of you may have read my post on Girl Scout Cookies for our Military which I wrote back in March. I wanted to come back and post the awesome pictures I received yesterday.I don't want to reiterate what I said in that post but it was about sending Girl Scout Cookies to our soldiers stationed i...
Paul Chaney and I continued looking at the post by Lee Odden called 25 Tips for Marketing your Blog, but before I continue I wanted to point out an interesting question that came up in  Marketing your blog - Google Juice part I.  With regards to the the differing opinions about the use of blogrol...
Yesterday we received a closing gift from a customer, is that the best thing you have ever heard?  I have written a couple of posts about our experience with Sara and she even commented on the posts.  When you think of the best gift and the best compliment you can get from a real estate customer ...
This is the part I was waiting for....Blog Marketing. Since Project Blogger started, Paul Chaney has been telling me for a couple of weeks now....we'll get to marketing..... marketing is coming...... next week we'll start marketing....FINALLY!!!We looked at a post called 25 Tips for Marketing you...
I've always been curious about the history of Stiltsville.  Not many people know about it unless they frequent Biscayne Channel by boat.  These "shack-like wooden structures" just sit there, like monuments in the landscape, a landscape of ocean blue.  Stiltsville is a string of structures on pili...
  "On April 30th 2007, the Blogosphere will hold a One-Day Blog Silence in honor of the victims at Virginia Tech.  More then 30 died at the US college massacre."
With all this talk about Green from our our own Dena and JaneAnn, I started doing a little research and came upon a great article and site that are so refreshing, I needed to share it with you.Neal Woodburn of Gadling - the travelers weblog, starts off by saying "It wasn't so long ago that "envir...
Every year, our biggest newspaper, The Miami Herald, asks readers to vote on the Hottest places, things and events in South Florida and I thought I would share a couple of these.BEST CAFE CUBANO - (for those of you that are non-Spanish speakers it means Cuban Coffee:  a type of espresso stirred w...
Some of you have commented about "Miami's safety" and it is a subject I would have never come up with on my own.  I remember living in Tallahasse, Florida my first year of college and people asking me with a look of shock and surprise "You are from Miami?  Wow, that must be scary!", or "The furth...
Ardell DellaLoggia  who I admire a great deal, had no idea that I was an architect and asked how I incorporate my architecture background into our Real Estate Business.  So here it is Ardell, thanks for asking:I graduated with a bachelor's degree in architecture from the University of Miami, and ...

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