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Dear Active Rainers, On March 26th, 2018 I received the following email through my active rain contact form.  Message details: From: William Thomas Email: Phone: 98556990 Subject: Potential Lead from ActiveRainRespected Friend, Please do accept my apologies as i do n...
Rainers,This post is the first in a series discussing Real Estate SEO. I believe it is the first and most important topic a real estate professional should learn when they are in the process of considering real estate digital marketing strategies meant to drive both buyer and seller leads generat...
The perfect Real Estate Website.  Rainers,  This blog post is TEN long years in the making. I have acted as a real estate online marketing consultant to 100's of agents, teams and real estate companies around the world. I have been asked the same question by all of them. WHO makes the best real e...
How to use Active Rain for SEO| (From a guy that uses it effectively)  I've been on Active rain for seven months. One of the things I have noticed is even EXPERIENCED bloggers are not using Active Rain for backlinking as effectively as they could be and inexperienced bloggers don't seem to be usi...
A Step by Step Guide on how I created A world class real estate theme for under $1000 dollars in less than 4 weeks.      Full transparency NORMALLY I outline each and every step detail by detail. But Active Rain has been tricky in terms of understanding how much TIME rainers are willing to invest...
Easy Agent Pro | Real Geeks Case StudyFor the last 7 years, I have been hearing great things about Real Geeks. I agreed to do PPC management for free so I could get access to a Real Geeks website. I have also seen ALOT of questions here on active rain about Easy Agent Pro which is another Real Es...
Active Rain, You will want to watch this ONE MINUTE video. I'm laying down some heavy wisdom today. So many realtors ask me where they should be focusing their extremely limited time in terms of Social Media. That's EXACTLY what I address in this Instagram video.    INSTAGRAM VIDEO       The vide...
Hello Active Rain, Happy hump day. Today's one-minute marketing video talks about how FEW real estate professionals plan properly for their online AND offline businesses. Take 30 days and plan the rest of your career! 
Good Morning!  Today's session of one-minute online marketing is brought to you by years worth of questions about Domain Naming strategy AND Google penchant for change. This one minute Video will give you the CORRECT strategy for naming your domain in 2017.  It's a broad topic. If you have additi...
Active Rain, I am in the midst of doing a 30 day series of the TOP ONLINE MARKETING mistakes I see realtors make.  I am using Instagram (inboundrem ADD ME) to post the original content. I am now uploading to YouTube and posting here. I'll do a few days worth. If no one comments or the comments ar...


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