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Active Rain Readers, If you didn't tune into my post yesterday, you should read it so that THIS post will make sense.  YESTERDAYS POST Today I am going to talk about research. Full disclosure I had a few clues as to what Pinterest users were looking for regarding something that might work for my ...
Dear Active Rain Readers, I very much want to share a detailed description of how I ended up with FOUR viral pins on Pinterest off a single blogs post from 13 months ago. But first, let me give you a little incentive to stick with me as I find time over the next couple of weeks to WRITE these pos...
 Not kidding. Pinterest by itself generates more traffic to my website than ALL other SEO efforts combined. Keeping this short and sweet. Here is a rough estimate of all of my traditional SEO efforts for inboundrem.SEO consists of producing content (blog posts). In today's SEO environment you wan...
This post in going to be different than my other posts. It's a story really more than a tutorial. I hope my Active Rain followers find something valuable in the story.  For 9 years I worked as a sales manager for some of LA"s top web development companies. I ran sales teams that sold web developm...
I must get asked 3-5 times a week to review realtors social media branding. I think most real estate professionals understand the potential of social media but few seem certain they are leveraging it the right way. Here are a few super simple tips that take 10 minutes each but will jump start you...
I built a website using the Agent Evolution theme.  Agent Evolution is Word Press theme builder that focus's on Real Estate. They have been recognized as one of the countries top if not THE top real estate theme builder. Wp Beginner named this on of the themes for realtors in 2017.  IDX broker bo...
In March of 2016 I published a blog post about increasing profile views and getting leads from LinkedIn. It has since become one of my most shared blog posts. I have had nine months of using the tips I gave my audience. This post is to follow up on just ONE of those tips. Getting free leads from ...


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