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My wife has worked at Shea Homes for four years. I sometimes get the opportunity to stop in to her office to see her. Her boss, the Vice President of sales and marketing sits right outside of her desk. I just happen to leave my business card on his desk every time I am there. Now there is a runni...
I am always surpised when I see professionals with gmail, yahoo, msn email addresses. I think a lot of it is that they just do not know. Its hard for people to say to our friends to consider it! Point well taken enough for me to repost this article!A large number of my friends are Realtors, mortg...
Homeowners insurance is for so much more than just fires. It also covers theft, vandalism, animal bites, lawsuits, loss of use, medical coverage, identity theft, lightning, etc etc.Private mortgage insurance (PMI) protects the mortgage lender if a homeowner defaults.  PMI allows the lender recove...
I spoke with a lender a few weeks ago that showed us how to get 200-250 people into an open house every time. It was amazing. If you want help I am happy to give you marketing Ideas that are free and that work. I want your business, just as much as you want to close another deal. Its a WIN WIN!Ho...
Some great advice too many people will not see. Your identity is no longer yours. In our vast social media world people need to be careful of where they check in. The burglar can be waiting outside your driveway ready for you to check in at the local restaurant. Be Careful!Buyers and Sellers Bewa...
I spoke with Gloria Christie 480-980-1383 in Tempe AZ today as she and I help each other with business. She said the number one thing to look at when choosing your Realtor is find a Realtor that listens and communicates well. Gloria spent the time getting to know me and what her clients want. Sh...
I also want to make sure that Realtors are using the Electronic lock boxes for a means of security. As an insurance agent, if its a lockbox that does not keep track of who is in the house. How do you know who someone is if you come home to a burglarized home?I am experiencing a growing trend in t...
Wouldn't this be a good idea? The US Government gives a tax DEDUCTION to those who carry concealed.  Think about it- as an armed citizen, YOU prevent crime and lower crime rates, saving the legal system and our country hundreds of millions of dollars each year. YOU stimulate the economy, by buyin...
Who cares about landing on the first page of google. Look at reviews and recommendations. This will tell you much more about that person. http://www.ilovefarmers.com With all the articles on the subject of how to rank at the top of Google for your real estate website, it’s hard not to pay attenti...
One of my clients called me this morning crying. She said Monday was a very bad day for her. She said her husband committed suicide on Monday. They have 7 children. He was a good man; he made a great living up until two years ago. With the market crashing, he lost his job and ability to provide f...

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