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I have just recentley left the real estate sales field to go back into mortgage banking. I have started co branding with agents and they are shocked that I would be willing to do this with them. I have done it in the past with builders and title companys and the agents are the last ones to embrac...
The local Newspaper -The Indianapolis Star (a Gannet Paper) has for the past several years included all the MLS listings on their on-line site. Recently they have changed to HOMESCAPE and made each office pay a fee for your listings to be displayed. The fee is $360.00 a year per office. The fee d...
I am amazed at agents that list homes 10-20% above the market just to get the listing. The Fishers, Indiana real estate market has been very hot for the past 10 years. The  population has increased 25% in the past 5 years to 65,000. In the past week three homes in a neighborhood have been listed ...
Two of my clients, whom I have their house listed have received letters from builders saying they will sell my clients home for free with another Realtor if the client buy one of the builders homes. They said they have made a deal with a group of agents to do this. This is just a backhanded way a...
How many of you have called or emailed an agent that showed your listing and the agent will not respond or act like it a bother to tell you waht the feedback is? I had an agent just tell me he way too busy to give feedback on every home he shows. He said if they are interested in the property he ...
What do all the members of MIBOR think about the new software system? They have deleted my Listings. Blocked access from Realtor.com and deleted pictures. The software is a good upgrade but if we put no basement , why do we have to answer basement questions. The picture section does not have  alo...

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