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Home Financing For Canadian Homebuyers Simplified Press Release courtesy of the Publisher, Privilege Solutions Integrated Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Are you quite ready yet to apply for a mortgage? Are you aware of the factors that will make your mortgage application successful? BC-bas...
The Need for Newcomers and First-time Buyers to PrepareI feel so happy with the warm response I got on my book title: "How to Prepare to Own a Home in Canada: recession-proof lifestyle for immigrants and first-time buyers." Indeed, quite a number of people have realized the need for such guide bo...
Richmond, British Columbia - Real Estate Rainmaker Speaking As a follow up to a post I've written some while ago on being a rainmaker, a good article I've come across in the community can be found in the link that follows.
Richmond, British Columbia -MLS Listings Search Now on Richmond Realtor's Site I am glad to inform my clients and other web visitors that my real estate web site has a new design and a promise of more and better content. Homebuyers and home sellers in Richmond and select areas in Metro Vancouver ...
Richmond Brighouse is hot!Yes it is. Who couldn't agree with that?Looking at the Canada Line as the fastest means of transportation today to get to Downtown Vancouver from Richmond Brighouse, it has become apparent that Brighouse no doubt has continued to be the most desired place in Richmond to ...
Richmond Condos for Sale from 250K to 350KRichmond, BC - It's interesting to know that as per the MLS, there are at least 168 units of condos available in Richmond in the range of 250K to 350K.You will find these units not just in the Brighouse area and Brighouse South but also in different parts...
Internet Technology for Home Selling and Buying Some time ago, people in the industry such as real estate agents, homebuyers and home sellers had to go through a very exhausting experience of getting raw leads, finding prospects and showing properties. You have to physically do all the work. Of c...
Canadian Libraries Stocking the Book for New Immigrants and First-time Buyers I am so pleased to inform the public that copies of the book "How to Prepare to Own a Home in Canada: Recession-proof Lifestyle for Immigrants and First-time Buyers" are now available in Canadian Libraries. Some of thes...
Some people might think that real estate agents just simply earn substantial commissions. No more. No less. Or some might have the thought that what a real estate agent does is something just like what other sales people do anyway. Some might even think that agents do work such little effort to e...
7231, 7293, 7297 Moffatt Richmond Condos and Townhouses on MLSAn Update on MLS PropertiesIf you would visit the neighbourhood of Moffatt in Richmond Brighouse, you may find some of the condo apartments currently posted on the MLS.As of September 16th, we could explore the listings through the MLS...

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