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Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - This is the second part of the article I've written in my last post: "First Step to Owning a Home in BC, Get Pre-Approved!" Dominion Lending Centres in Canada had released through DLC News, an interesting article on mortgage which tackles about how mortgage in...
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - The first-time home buyers are almost always enthusiastic and excited about the fact that perhaps by viewing different homes or hopping from one house to another, could be a good start to having an idea what sort of home they can invest or live in. I don't hav...
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - Good news for anyone who has been fascinated by the convenience and positive ambience of the Central Richmond, Greater Vancouver, BC.Our company Multiple Realty had just listed a one-bedroom apartment in the popular Brigantine Square. Hence, the invitation goe...
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - Home selling could be as rewarding as home owning. However, reasons and decision-factors vary. When you own a property, some of the significant motivations for buying are: pride of ownership, investment value through equity and freedom from dealing with landlo...
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - Much appreciation is extended to the prime movers of this Real Estate Network Active Rain. Not only that it inspires real estate industry professionals but opens a great avenue to avid readers and fanatic users.It's true that eversince the world of blogging be...
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - Wanna be up-to-date on real estate "What's in or What's up"?Here are some interesting sources of real estate news and current events, including some beneficial tool in marketing and promotion. If you haven't been to the following Real Estate Media:*     *Frog ...
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - Here's a brief compilation of web resources useful for anyone interested to learn about the different facets of real estate in Canada.  Web Links to Canada & Greater Vancouver Real Estate can be browsed through:
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - Let me join everyone in welcoming the year 2007!It's the first day of the brand new year. I recall one striking mind principle which goes like:"We are what we think we are...Whatever we have accomplished so far is a product of our thoughts in the past." Indeed...
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - Cambie is another community of Richmond one can explore about. It's Centre is situated between Cambie Road and Jacombs Road. It's the east side of the city.King George Community Park which connects from Cambie Community Centre, offers the public large area for...
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - Here's a good news for the residents of Richmond and people intending to move into one of the largest asian communities in North America. As I was browsing through the web site of the city of Richmond, the health and longevity section had called my attention. ...

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