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No one will argue the fact, ISIS is a type of religious organization, and the world for the most part is at war with ISIS. Is there a better way of fighting a religious war than with religion? I wondered if anyone prayed about exposing the real people behind ISIS. I took it upon myself to pray ab...
This one has been around long before I got into Real Estate, but I've only seen one buyer trying to use it. The only thing is, the buyer forgot to add vital information to the offer. I would never tell a Seller to accept an offer to purchase where a buyer placed their name on the Buyer line and a...
 This has got to be the strangest Real Estate Market I've seen in my 15 years of experience. Early reports emphasized a low number of listings in the first and second quarter of the year. Listings were way down. That shifts Real Estate Agents and Brokers into the mode of seeking more listings. Wh...
Well this is a brand new scam and this one really scares me. In previous articles I discussed how information is gathered from your computer and phone, then used against you. In most cases the stolen information is used to set up custom market campaigns aimed directly at you. It seems rather harm...
The title sums up just about every business and sad to say, church in the era we are living in. Internet spying, or shall we call it, cyber demographics sets high standards. Companies collect information, then sell it to other companies so they can tell you what you want to hear. They do this to ...
There seems to be a new scam circling the globe. I'm on a few Christian dating sites and I've seen this a few times. A woman posts a few pictures, and really looks good for a woman in her 50's. Low and behold, she turns out to be in her 30's and maybe even 20's. Now what kind of a man would consi...
It turned out just like God said it would. After Solomon, his son Rehoboam taxed and worked people half to death. Israel faced a number of threats from outside nations, and you can bet there were a number of other issues not mentioned in 1 Kings chapter 12. Just as we see today, taxes are at the ...
Maybe it's time to take a look at what that multi-billion dollar bill has done for this country. I am really ashamed to admit, I was on Obamacare. I think I'm the first in my family to be a member of the welfare system. Sure it is a new form of welfare. So what has Obamacare done for the elderly ...
It seems to be a good thing, blending science with media. But look at hurricane Irma and what that has done so far, and where it may be leading. The media predicted the worst of the worst from the beginning. At the present time, it seems to be the wise choice to error on the side of the worst cas...
Well I wrote a few articles about Internet security, and it is nice to see the Real Estate Association get involved. Although for years, their attitude was, everyone does it. This month the Real Estate Association send out warnings about closing scams that have been going out. Maybe it was my art...

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