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Have you ever run across a company looking for BPO's that collects dirver license number, SS number, other information like insurance papers, and then sends out an email to go thorugh a site called  Crimcheck who charges a fee for a back groubd check? This seems more than strange to spend a few h...
This is one opf my feature pages with all the Real Estate stats, market videos, and more.  http://ez1realty.net/today-in-real-estate/   New residential real estate activity has been relatively slow in the first quarter of 2018, yet housing is proving its resiliency in a consistently improving ec...
This is important. I just added ads to my website and guess what popped up. The websites that make our job as Real Estate Agents much harder. They sell advise on how to invest in Real Estate and fill buyer’s heads with all kinds of nonsense, mess up the order of progress we know will work, and in...
If I show up with a cell phone to take pictures of your house, just fire me.Cell phones do not take great listing pictures!Many people overlook one of the major aspects of selling a home, great listing pictures. Sure the Internet helps to sell a lot of homes, but like everything else with a compu...
The first logical step would be a local Real Estate Agent. Most work in offices with a number of Agents dedicated to helping one another, which establishes a network of information and people. Call around until you find someone with a local connection for a personal hard money loan. You are alway...
I can communicate with most businesses in the real estate industry with no problems. Some title companies are very advanced in security as are most banks. This is the best way to Avoid E-Mail Theft. I only use my secured server email address, which is very difficult to intercept. Everything is sa...
Check out the SenderThe email is not from one of the available esign companies. That is the first tip. The email address clearly appears as a made up email address, and normally ends with a DOT, something other than COM, NET, or one of the other common business suffixes.What you want to do is lea...
Real Estate has not really changed over the years. The only thing that has changed is, the Internet is giving some people a monopoly on just about every field of business in this world. People bid on Internet ads, and it is getting really expensive. I mean really expensive. So where does that mon...
If you don’t believe Real Estate Agents and websites are on the forefront of Internet attacks and scams, take a look at this email. I’m not sure why. One of the main reasons may be, Real Estate Agents live by being transparent, and publishing their phone numbers, email addresses, and websites. Wh...
You can see it isn’t a link to Linkedin, but goes to some website called nextgenradio2017. I couldn’t find anything on that domain on the Internet. What is this leading to and what is the goal of this email? I can’t be sure. Attacks on social media sites such as Linkedin are common. The goal of ...

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