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All roads lead to positive trends in the Single family real estate market. Yellowstone County has now has had year over year increase in number of sales since February 2012, 13 months in a row. Every category of measurement shows improvement. So what drives the positive trends, employment growth,...
Does history indicate the future and can we project past norms to discern future trends? Lots of different ways to look at the both the residential sales price market and the price of rentals and their relationship to each other The 1st graph shows the price differential between purchasing a home...
  Thought to ponder from peak ownership rate, to today the ownership rate has dropped 3%, based on the time before the explosion in housing it was holding about another 2% lower than it is today. Based sales and on the information below is the glass half empty or half full or is it as full as it ...
Market at a Glance February 2013   We are now two months into the year and the good numbers continue to roll through the housing market here in Yellowstone Count, Inventory lower by 18%, pending sales up by 16%, closed sales up by 24%, new home permits up 61% all outstanding performance for the ...
What does recovery in single family new construction look like? When you listen to press you would think that single family new construction Nationally had recovered and is humming along. So I thought it might be useful to see visual as well as number wise where single family new home has been, w...
New construction for January Nationally The box below is basically comparing January of 2012 to January of 2013. The new construction market shows improvements straight across the board which is a positive, as always when you are comparing smaller numbers the percentage increase show as huge move...
Market update at glance January 2013 As I sit and review the performance of the market for January and all of 2012, the increase in in unit sales is outstanding, the decrease in market time is phenomenal, the increase in pending sales is a positive trend, yet then I get to price movement and scra...
In the child’s fairy tale, in order to save  their lives the tailor’s convinced the King they were weaving his clothes from Gold, of course they could not do that, yet none of the Kings advisors dare mention he had no clothes. When the king went out through  the kingdom in his woven gold clothes ...
The power of interest rates on purchasing When looking at today’s market concerning interest rates the best perspective is look at the economy in the recent past. Since the economic events of 2008 the Federal Reserve has committed to driving interest rates down to spur sales in the housing sector...


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