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Our first post pandemic family vacation is in the can.  It was worth the wait.  Last week the weather was perfect on the Connecticut Shore and we all shared nice beach house.George Souto , we never got to any of the restaurants because we brought so much food and ate at the house.  We had the ple...
That title "Delegate or Die" may be harsh but it will help you think about having a sustainable business.  If you want to have a truly sustainable business, you must learn to delegate with confidence. The effective leader first puts the structure and processes in place to assure the successful ex...
I could add this to what I wrote last week.  I mentioned that we would be taking a family vacation of the eastern shore of Connecticut.We arrived today in a great beach house with lots of room.  This best part of this is just spending time together.As you can see grandson Max is enjoying it alrea...
It is not what you say. It is how you say it. You can use the same words in a sentence and make them mean something different by use of word emphasis with your voice. These are stressful times. Businesses are opening again but find that getting people to come back is not as easy as they thought....
What has changed in my business post pandemic?  My business has expanded geographically because of the the pandemic.  Zoom and technology has really helped me.  But you really don't want to hear any more about Zoom do you?This Monday I did have my first post pandemic facilitation in a conference ...
You may be a solo agent but you have a team which includes, at minimum, mortgage professionals, title closers, home inspectors, attorneys, and so forth. Is your team high performing?  Why or why not?According to studies a motivated engages team is a high performing team when it has high quality l...
This is the time everyone have waited for.  Now that it is here how do you reopen your "in person" business?The answer is not as simple as you may think.  After one plus year, people's lifestyles, behaviors, and habits have changed.Some enjoy the virtual experience and have even moved to a remote...
Now by the question in the title I am including solo agent because everyone has a team in a transaction.  So how is accountability working out on your team?  Do you trust that your partners will deliver?People by nature want to know that they are making a difference and will be accountable to the...
People visiting Florida now a saying how nice the weather is.  It is true.  It is dry and pleasantly mild.  But is also very breezy and there have been rip tide and small craft warnings the last 2 weeks.Yesterday, Monday we reserved an ocean boat.  However, when we got to the inlet we were greete...
Have you ever felt that someone was upset by your message, but you didn’t know why? I recently met with the leaders of one of my Westchester County New York organizations to present results of an employee survey. The employees felt that there were had been many changes and they didn’t understand ...


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