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One advantage of this pandemic and doing everything on Zoom is that I could stay and enjoy the warm Florida weather during January and February.  I had plenty of work and plenty of meetings in New York but I did them on Zoom.  I took full advantage of the time because I won't be able to stay in F...
We have two ears and one mouth so that we should listen twice as much as we talk.Why can two different people communicate the same message but have different results? The key is making a connection. Covey’s fifth of his seven habits of highly effective people is, First seek to understand then to ...
The practice of diversity and inclusion is something I have tried to champion in each of my many years as an HR professional.  It is incoporated into all of my training.  We promote diversity and inclusion in the Business Council of Westhester.During the month of February we had a conference on d...
Many businesses have been working remotely now for almost a year. Some people have moved forward to take full advantage of the new technology. Others are adapting. Still others are fighting it. When crisis has happened in the past, we have come out of it stronger, but we did not go back to the w...
Cooking classes are always popular.  They can serve as date nights or networking events.  And you can easily do them on Zoom.I want to give a shoutout to Karen Napoli Schulz of K's Kitchen.  Karen has a great business location in Westchester NY/Greenwich CT.  Her web site has recipes and she sell...
A good deal of my time recently has been spent on getting the team value proposition or employee valule proposition set.  Then and only then can you focus on your company's Unique Value Proposition.  Whether you are recuiting agents or employees or even if you are a solo trying to build a team o...
I have read many other posts on Active Rain about drives to help citizens in need.  The Gullotta House is an organization in Westchester County NY that helps those in need.Their upcoming fundraiser is this Saturday, The Headless Horseman Polar Plunge.  The plunge will be held on Saturday February...
How would you describe yourself?  Real Estate Salesperson or Assistant Buyer?People don’t like to be sold but they sure like to buy.The school of sales that says, “Always be closing,” is closed! This is not today’s sales. And here is another fact. We are all in sales no matter what our job becaus...
Ben Kinney showed us some things being considered in Active Rain.  A discussion centered around quality of pictures and since my featured blog picture was discussed I thought I would tell you what I do with pictures.First, I purchase the rights to use stock photos.  I have credits set up with ist...
Generally, people find it hard to leave their comfort zone. Occasionally, you get forced out of your comfort zone and this is what happened in 2020. However, being forced out does not guarantee success. You could be stuck not knowing what to do next. I found this quite common during March of last...

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