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This is going to be a very interesting challenge for me.  And to frame things I need to step back to personal computing. I started with Sears in 1971 and by 1977, I was personnel manager of a large store in White Plains, NY.  One of my responsibilities was to create a payroll cost projection each...
Real Estate brokers sometimes are guilty of this.  Particularity those who brag about having so many agents.  There are those who like to delegate and disappear.  Then there are those who are the opposite,  These people are control freaks. Both managers or brokers are ineffective and doomed to fa...
I love the pictures that Ron and Alexandra Seigel show of the Pacific at Santa Barbara.  And recently love the Long Island sunsets shown by Lawrence "Larry" & Sheila Agranoff. Cell: 631-805-4400.I love the water too.  What a great way to spend the first weekend of January on the water in Florida....
A key core competency in management and in sales is Relationship Management. Being able to influence people is a skill that needs to be developed.Those who are successful influencers are able to move people to action by showing them what is in it for them. All consultants (internal or external) a...
When I wrote the New Years scare last month I had a sequel that I wanted to share.  Although it is 4 days after New Years Eve I have to share it.  This is not a scare but a comedy and this is another very German tradition.When our first German Au Pair came to us she asked us about this program si...
Have you completed your annual goals review for 2021 and goals for 2022? It is important to have strong goals for your critical business areas. But what about the things that you will stop doing? First, you should see that things did not work. It might be marketing activities for example. You wi...
All of the Christmas decorations are lit up here in Armonk NY.The top picture is the the focal point of our town.  This is the town park and it has been lit up since Frosty the Snow Man Day which was the Sunday after Thanksgiving.Some homeowners go to great lengths to  celebrate the Christmas sea...
In the last week I have seen several surveys including one from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). They are asking business leaders how their organization is handling change.In the beginning of the Pandemic, I wrote about a case for change now. At that time many were in denial or j...
Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Steve Banis who has been active as an Active Rain member since 2008.  Steve works with home flippers and cash offer homes.Steve and I had a very nice conversation.  He graduated from college in 1968 and was drafted and went to Vietnam.  Afterward Stev...
For those agents who are solo I would simply add to the discussion below the following question.  Who is your accountability partner?  We all need one.  And if you have team members then the following will apply to your organization.  Incidentally, by organization I also mean the strategic allian...

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