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If you are looking to buy a home now you need to be more particular than ever before. Real estate prices are still in decline and these up down cycles can typically last ten years or more. To protect yourself against ill winds there are some things that should look for when buying in difficult m...
The National Multi Housing Council recently issued a press release on the health of the residential markets. Our residential markets have a lot going for them these days and are a light in a gloomy marketplace. When people wont or cant buy, they rent. The demand for rental units has risen dramati...
 The Interview Here are some questions to ask. How long have you been in business? Look for a well-established company and check it out with consumer protection officials. They can tell you if there are unresolved consumer complaints on file. One caveat: A zero complaints record against a particu...
San Francisco ’s Climate Action Plan has ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals: a 20 percent reduction below 1990 levels by 2012. To meet these, each person who lives or works in San Francisco will need to cut almost 2 tons of carbon dioxide annually. The city program has set a mid-term goal ...
Our first local blog. We will be focusing on all things real estate in San Francisco.... Proposition A: A bond measure authorizing the city to borrow $185 million for construction, rebuilding and improvements to park and recreation facilities, was approved by nearly 72 percent of voters.The bond ...

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