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  *This story may take a few twists and turns....but it's a story that makes the Real Estate/Mortgage business worthwhile and rewarding. **I was helping one of my mortgage clients' move into their first home this past weekend. The clients and their 2 boys have lived in a 2 bedroom apartment and w...
I have always been a positive thinker. The key to keep that going is to surround yourself with positive thinkers. Those that can't be positive or get enjoyment out of being negative-get nowhere.  If you are on the fence with your career-pick up the phone and call someone that is good at what you ...
I have been in the mortgage lending industry for years. It amazes me how sales people tend to loose focus on what their main job is. The job of a succesfull residential lender is to make peoples dreams come true. I have told my team for years "When you loose that happy feeling at the closing when...
Here is what I have to offer: ***I work for  a very stable  bank in the Chicago suburbs. I am looking for quality people to bring on board and make them more successful than they ever thought they could be.  We are a bank that has an unbeatable mortgage department and we are, as unusual as it sou...
This is a job of making peoples home ownership dreams come true.  I honestly believe the if you are in this biz long enough-you forget the impact you have on people. That is where we all need to step back and take a look at what you do for people. The swing set in the backyard-the new mailbox-the...

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