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  One of my favorite Sunday night television diversions is the contest to decide Who Will Be the Next Food Network Star.  Last Sunday, the winner for this year was chosen, so I have been sitting here tonight thinking about the show.  I really don’t cook very much (ask me sometime about how I sto...
Long considered a Premier Address in Dallas Real Estate, Turtle Creek Boulevard is home to some of Dallas Real Estate's most noteworthy highrise condominiums.  With prices ranging from the $100,000's to the multi millions, Turtle Creek appeals to a broad spectrum of homeowners at many price poin...
I remember it like it was yesterday.  We all have childhood memories that haunt us many years later and little league baseball is for me one of those memories.  It might have been different if I had not been born totally lacking eye-hand coordination, but sadly, I was and to this day it is nothi...
One of the greatest parts about being a Blogger is that I am much more aware of events in my community than I ever was before.  This awareness often leads to interesting discoveries, and I had one this morning. This Thursday, August 26, is National Women’s Equality Day.  In 1971, Bella Abzug, th...
I spotted this classic 1959 Cadillac at a recent classic car show I attended (more pics to follow) and just couldn't help but marvel at the curves, the lines, the chrome and especially these tail fins.  As this car departed the show and I watched it drive away with those fins looking like those o...
Texas Sales Tax Holiday 2010 - August 20-22 Well... having unknowingly wandered into the stores this afternoon I can personally attest to the fact that the 2010 Texas Sales Tax Holiday Weekend is well underway!  The stores were packed, and whether the public was there to enjoy some air condition...
That's right folks... this Tuesday through Friday, August 17 through 20, from 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M., Aston's Bakery in Dallas is having Cupcake Happy Hour... and what could be more Happy than a Cupcake (well... maybe several cupcakes would be happier)?  All cupcakes will be $1.00!!! Aston's Bak...
I attended a classic car show yesterday that included a few classic convertibles.  In the 102 degree heat, even the idea of a convertible seemed like it would feel like a ride in a broiler.  This point was confirmed when I looked at the dashboard.  Notice anything missing here? I love classic car...
The Renaissance on Turtle Creek Street Address: 3225 Turtle Creek Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75219 The Renaissance on Turtle Creek - Market Report for July 2010 The Renaissance on Turtle Creek is the largest luxury highrise condominium in the Uptown/Turtle Creek area of Dallas, The Renaissance on Turt...
Property: 3525 Turtle Creek Street Address: 3525 Turtle Creek Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75219   Sales Activity:    July 2010 June 2010 Number of Units Sold 1 1 Price Range of Sold Units $181,000 $320,000 Size Range of Sold Units 1277 Sq. Ft. 2085 Sq. Ft. Average Sales Price $181,000 $320,000 Average ...


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Dallas Real Estate, Short Sales and Life in Dallas.

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