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Read Eastern NC Homes for sale and gain information about Eastern NC towns and neighborhoods. Articles regarding things to do in the Eastern NC/New Bern area including Havelock/Cherry Point. Market reports and trends are here.
Here's my perspective that smaller may be better when buying a home in our "new" economy. Our new economy shouts everyday that the real estate party sure seems to be over and the clean up has slowly begun. I can recall seeing charts where home sales and prices where spiking for the early part of ...
NC Wooded Lot For Sale Lot 4 Oak Creek Estates New Bern NC Overview Maps Photos Features Meet George Zaytoun, Jr. Builder Neighborhood $52,000 Lots and Land Main Features Lot: 1.03 acre(s) Location 303 Walkins Blvd Lot 4 Oak Creek EstatesNew Bern, NC 28560USA To get updates on open home dates an...
I Know I Will Not Get It, But This Is What I Want For My House I've had several interesting conversations with some folks considering selling their homes recently. We are in a tough real estate market in a small town in eastern North Carolina called New Bern. We have at least 18 months of invento...
The choices we make about housing. We are confronted by all sorts of information about the housing market.  It 's going down, it's coming back, it's never coming back, it going to be a "renter's world" from now on, etc. I'm not sure what the future will hold for housing but I believe it is the co...
This is something more and more homeowners in Eastern NC will be forced to consider.  Rental property does sit empty, I know because we have one. We spent most of our free time last Summer re-modeling and cleaning up after the last tenant, including removing and replacing dog soiled/soaked carpet...
"CAN WE TALK?" has always seemed to me to be the beginning of a very important conversation. Sometimes the discussion has been frank and maybe even a bit uncomfortable. In other circumstances it has lead the way to a new game plan and commitment to a new way of thinking. "Honesty will set you fre...
Thanks for a buyers agent perspective on the importance of price in todays market.  If you guys don't think it's a good value it will not get shown as much..The Overpriced Listings . . . Thanks!! After reading Brenda Mullen's recent post: DRASTICALLY OVERPRICED!! I wanted to add my own, personal/...
Getting a property priced right is 90% of the marketing efforts of a successful real estate agent. There is no amount of money an agent can spend on an over-priced property that can induce an educated home buyer to waste their precious time looking at a home that is way over priced for the locati...
When the phone rings and someone says "We want to sell our house" most real estate agents who are eternal optimist by nature,  think "CHA-CHING" pay check coming. In today's market in my hometown, it may be more prudent to think "REALTOR BEWARE". How many of us ask the hard questions upfront like...
As we get ready to enjoy this holiday weekend, Memorial Day 2011, I think it is only fitting to reflect for a few moments on what Memorial Day is all about. My Dad served in World War II but he didn't really talk about it much. I do remember he said "he saw California on his way to the Pacific t...

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Search Eastern NC Homes For Sale and get information about Eastern NC towns and neighborhoods. You'll gain information about the Eastern NC real estate markets including New Bern, Morehead City, Crystal Coast beaches, Jacksonville and Havelock NC real estate markets. Market statistics, construction reports and news about the neighborhoods that make this area a great place to live, work and play.