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Looking for a business-ready home? Find out what to look for and what to watch out for. Make the best choice of your life with quality resources from HomeKey. Call Marsha Cleaveland, Keller Williams Realty Professional Partner for real estate in Maricopa County, Arizona.
Peoria's Challenger Space Center has activities, displays and events for visitors to learn and explore.  Not only are there flight simulators and information about space exploration; visitors will also see space-inspired artwork of Robert McCall.  The Challenger Center has the distinction of bein...
My Financial Life from Three AltitudesSea level:  How much money is in my purse and bank account right now?                 What's my debt load?   Don't let borrowing be your default plan for 2008                What's my credit score? Get a free credit REPORT (score costs $) at www.annualcreditr...
Top Three Reasons to Buy a Home Right NowLush inventory to select your home from.  More than 50,000 homes are on the market right now in the greater Phoenix area, for example.  New homes, nearly new homes and older homes -- you will see an abundance of inspiring homes in your price range and in t...
Eliminate Debt before Buying Your HomeWhen buying a home, you want to have your finances in a strong position.  This means demonstrating a capacity to save and to pay off debt.  Your credit report shows both your current standing on the indebtedness scale, as well as your past history of debt rep...
Decoding Your Credit ReportFind out what Lenders know about youLeap over an initial hurdle that faces all borrowers by examining and polishing your credit report.  For yourself and your spouse, go to to order your free once-a-year report from each of the three credit re...
Home Office on a ShoestringOf course, a home office would be terrific, but you are just starting a business and don't want to put scarce capital into furnishings.  What's a thrifty business person to do?    1.   Hit the yard sales!  I'm not a yard sale junkie normally; in fact my last two purchas...
The Hillcrest neighborhood has 54 properties active on the market as of November 2007.  Average price is from $324,000 to $411,000.  Properties priced lower than average are selling in 3 days to 47 days.  It is a great time to buy, with plenty of inventory to choose from and prices are lower than...
Dedicating a room of the house to be used as an office is a major step.  It has tax consequences, (good and bad), and it takes up space that Braden may want for his Legos or Kayla wishes she had as a home theater to enjoy the latest flicks with her teen friends.  What are the top ten signs that i...
Packing and unpacking is like working a massive jigsaw puzzle.  When your home office is included, you can't afford to lose any pieces.  To add to the complexity, usually you keep the office functioning right up until moving day, and need to get it up and running again immediately after the reloc...
Today's connectivity makes working from home convenient and cost-effective.  Basic requirements for today's efficient home office include great lighting; telephone and Internet connections; and space for basic equipment such as telephone and printers, as well as paper files.  Shelves and cabinets...

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Homes in Glendale, Peoria and Phoenix. Specializing in homes equipped for home office or home business. Professionals, teachers, independent contractors recieve skilled attention when buying a home. Marsha Cleaveland of Keller Williams Realty Professional Partners will help you find a great location in Maricopa County, Arizona.

Real Estate in Phoenix

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