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I continue to be amazed at the tremendous opportunities out there for today's buyers.  Consider all the factors contributing to the current buyer's market.  An across the board correction in rising home values.  I mean, let's face it; things were getting a little out of hand.  It's bad news for s...
The wallpaper dilemma is a serious issue for today's seller and therefore their real estate professional.  If you think about it, wallpaper is one of the most personalized elements in home decor.  As real estate professionals, we want our sellers to de-personalize their homes, and that means remo...
It can't be said enough, that success is all about Attitude.  The power of a positive attitude is amazing and the people who possess it can accomplish remarkable things.  It is something we all have, we all have the power to control it, and everyday we can choose to have a positive or negative at...
Things are improving. I'm an eternal optimist anyway, however statistics support my statement and that's great news.  Still, it's no cake walk by any means.  So what is the secret to success in this market?  Is price always the answer?  Well, yes and no.  The real answer is value, and that concep...
Hopefully, this will be review for those who already live in Roswell, GA.  But for anyone considering a move to the North Fulton, (suburb of Atlanta) area, take note of some great activities in Roswell. The downtown area of Roswell is lined with quaint shops, art galleries and restaurants.  This ...
"Rice and Beans, Beans and Rice".  These are not my words, but the ones I repeat to myself on a regular basis.  Anyone who wonders why we are in the financial crisis we are today just needs to listen to the Dave Ramsey radio show. Caught somewhere between the "Have's" and the "Have Not's" are the...

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