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The excitement is growing as there is only 18 days until the Kentucky Derby - Number 135.Fast Horses.....Wild Women...the miles and miles of white fences the crazyness that comes with it all. I first attended the Kentucky Derby was when I was 18 years old in 1974. It was the most exciting event ...
Never under estimate the power of Activerain. As it has been many months since I have been active with Activerain, the real power has just shined through!   The greatest thing happened and that was the phone call. Now we all get phone calls inquiring about real estate or mortgages and some are be...
With the ups and downs mortgage rates have had in the past few months, now is a good time to take a look at some factors behind how your mortgage rate is decided.    Thawing the Market Like most financial products, there is a secondary market for mortgages that brings buyers and sellers together....
With all the worlds actions over night, Feds bring down Fed Funds Rate by .75% to 3.50%. Now what that will mean to anyone who has a second mortgage is that home equity loans, which includes lines of credit and second mortgages, will go down. Now will the stocks bounce back at all from the potent...
 I was honored when Jeff Belonger asked me to write this review. It gave me a real opportunity not only to get my name out here, but to really have more time to read about what people are writing about. And holy all write a boat load about more than anyone really needs to know. It  has...
My name is Keith Hoffman & I approved this message Thats right......Integrity. And as most industries have national designations, the Mortgage Industry is moving forward with the new designation. Many states are trying to improve on the ethics and professionalism that comes from being a mortgage ...
  I would like to introduce you to Jay Stocki, one of our newest family members to Activerain. Please welcome him by checking his activerain site out:                                        Jay and I are part of a networking & leads group called L.O.D.G.E. That stand...
Rates have really come down and as of today- January 14th, we are offering a 30 year fixed rate mortgage for only 5.50% with an APR of 5.579%.  Now if my little friend here can come to me without begging, you too can get this rate, as of Monday, January 14th.  This information is provided to assi...
  I am in need of a mortgage lender in New York City. I have a niece who needs a mortgage and I am not licensed in New York. If you are a mortgage lender or know a mortgage lender that can assist me for a purchase in Brooklyn, please email me right away. I will call you and we can discuss the det...
It is 7am on Friday, January 11th and the world of mortgages just got turned over.Bank of America today agreed to buy Countrywide Financial, the largest U.S. mortgage lender, in a $4 billion transaction that could help avert one of the biggest collapses in the U.S. housing crisis. Rumors have bee...

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