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For we who may be a tad older, this song by Frank Sinatra “My Kind of Town” is well known. Living outside of Chicago for most of my life, I was quite familiar with the tune. Today a conversation with another broker from another town here in Western Arizona reminded me of this song. She was seekin...
In real estate it “ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” Counting our eggs (real estate commissions) before they are hatched (COE) is not a sustainable attitude. Sometimes we subconsiously know the end result before we actually walk the path. Inside we are hoping the buyer won’t let us down again...
Every industry has buyers who need help. Real Estate sales professionals have the ability to use the 2019 research from National Association of Realtors (NAR) to showcase how they help buyers. By employing these "helps" the end result demonstrates the value Real Estate sales professionals bring t...
Living in the high desert with open range, the west truly comes alive. How often have we heard this phrase in old western movies of “Reach for the Skies?” Today reaching for the skies is about stretching, moving away from your comfort zone, looking up instead of looking down. Years ago, one of my...
Storytelling is a powerful sales skill to build relationships. Sometimes those who sell for a living fail to understand how a back story (a story about the past) becomes the opportunity to tell the “rest of the story” as Paul Harvey said. Yesterday, my broker Judith Ritter  and I had a conversati...
Every once in a while, it may make sense to write down what you believe in as an individual. Committing your thoughts to the written word has been proven to reduce stress and gain crystal clear clarity. For me, I believe: In me In my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who instilled incredibl...
During our monthly Kingman Golden Valley Association of Realtors (KGVAR) Breakfast Breakout informal learning session, we discussed several of the NAR critical dangers to Realtors from the D.A.N.G.E.R. Report published in 2015. What was interesting is many of these perceived threats to real estat...
Even though I have only been the real estate industry for a short time (3 years), I have developed customer loyalty with many of past clients. For example, as I was waiting for my husband at Home Depot, my phone rang. Caller ID showed it to be a client who had just purchased a home in late 2019. ...
Many of us, especially we who are a little older, may remember the lyrics to this song "Mama Said There Be Days Like This" by the Shirelles. Well these last few days I can totally relate to many of the words within this song. In any sales profession, there are great days, good days, fair days, no...

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