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Going beyond the plethora of listings to discover what is keeping realtors from sustainable sales success.



With the current situation, lots of people are making excuses within the real estate industry. Removing those Realtors, financial institutions, title companies that are not considered necessary business by their state governments, using the excuse of this situation is truly not acceptable. Funny ...
Have you ever considered having Grace within your real estate business? Grace is typically a word associated with religions. Yet, maybe we are missing key opportunities to increase sales and further strengthen existing relationships especially during trying times.  Sourcing out the origin of the ...
As I was driving to an inspection (yes we kept our social distance) I was listening to the Cheap Trick song “I want you to want me.” These six words are the essence of all real estate actions. We market to buyers or sellers with the goal for them to want us more than they want another realtor. Zi...
In today’s turbulent times, those realtors who are successful will do what they need to do to get to where they need to be. They live in the moment and adapt their planning.  Living here in AZ high desert, we take everyday precautions. Before we open the door, we look to see if there are any snak...
President Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 during his First Inaugural Address said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” He understood how fear can immobilize us; to keep us from moving forward; to stop us from doing what we need to do and to secure the results we need and want. Years ago, ...
People buy. Realtors sell. Sometimes those who are involved in selling including within the real estate market ignore this premise. To encourage people to buy, they must first buy you. Then they must buy your company. Next, they must buy your sales solution. The fourth “buy” is your delivery. Fin...
A colleague of mine, Mike Weinberg, wrote an excellent posting about how to overcome the FEAR of the corona virus. I mentally agreed with him 100%. As an aside, this past week I had the opportunity to reactivate my semi-retired consulting practice with a workshop in Chicago, Il. The purpose of th...

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